Money Arrangement Rules for Couples

I am an HR at a local firm, talking to lots of people, listening to employees and boss all the time. But you know what they talk most? They talk about money, how they manage money at home, how they feel are they messed-up in financial arrangements. In my county what I could possibly make-out was that those people, who complained about money arrangements in their domestic lives, are actually not open to their partner.

It only takes 2 basic rules to make your domestic life happy, at least in the financial way.

  • Talk to your partner:
    Yes, we probably talk everything with our partner, but never open up on financial matters. Me being lady have experienced that most of the time men think that managing financial stability is their work, but that is not true. You should talk to your partner related to your finance and everything. You both should know who is earning how much and where does the money go. Yes, the digits may not be 100% accurate, but that will be close.And this rule works for all couples. Whether it is one working and the other taking hold of domestic chores or both working and also taking care of domestic chores.
  • Let there be one manager:
    You may think that whatever you earn belongs to you. But sweetheart, down the vistas years when you joined your knots with your partner you actually became a part of your partner. Yes, you admit it or not, since then both of you are like one. Yes, you may still be telling lies to each other and holding certain things from each other, but at the end of the day. It is your partner who is watching your back. So see who among you understands finance better and let him or her handle it thereafter.In my case I manage. But yes, if your partner doesn’t have any problem with the financial system then you probably don’t need to worry. But, if he does then both of you should sit together and plan to spend and how and where to save. In either case you will be discussing and so you will get a solution. And believe me getting a divorce due to financial glitch is the worst and the last thing to happen in a relationship.
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