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Monsoon Magic In Your Garden

Monsoon brings about a magical transformation to your garden babies. It’s the best time of the year to see your plants soak in moisture, bloom faster and also make new additions to your garden. This monsoon we bring you… tips to make the best of the season and help your garden thrive for the whole year.

1. Pull out those weeds, even the smallest ones: Rains cause an easy growth of some unnecessary plants in the soil like that of weeds which can tamper with the nourishment & growth of your useful plants. Therefore, it is very important to frequently pull out the weeds during the monsoon season.

pulling weeds2. Check the stagnant water: Don’t let water clog in your pots & flower beds. Stagnant water can destroy plant roots and also aids unnecessary insect breeding like mosquitoes in your surroundings.

check water3. Frogs, toads & earthworms are your best friends: Encourage the presence of these little beings, as frogs/toads are insect eaters and help protect your garden. Earthworms aerate the soil by building tunnels and also nitrate the soil

4. Trim your plants after the first showers: It helps the fresh shoots of the plant to grow well. Also, the monsoon winds can simply cause damage to the long branches of your plants.

cutting5. More light, less watering: Make sure your plants get enough sunshine as it’s mostly cloudy in this season. Watering the plants is not necessary since there is abundance of water and moisture in this season. Unless there’s a long dry spell, then only watering becomes necessary.

sunlight plant6. Fertilizers: Use of natural fertilizers is encouraged especially cow dung manure which is proven to be the best manure for plants. Also the pores in the plants open up and spraying the fertiliser helps the plants to absorb them immediately.

using fertilizers7. Planting new saplings: Only those plants which can adjust to the monsoon should be planted. Also, shelter young & fragile plants in your garden in case of excessive rains.

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Gardens are great stress relievers if attended to with TLC. But given our lives with busy schedules, maintaining one is a challenge. Though, with a little planning and routine, you can have the most beautiful garden in town.

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