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Monthly Horoscopes – What Are Your Stars Predicting For April?

Aries HoroscopeAries

Good opportunity for monetary gains at the beginning. Stay alert, you will need to be cautious of unwise financial investments. Avoid impulse shopping, warns Ganesha. For singles, the time isn’t conducive. Your wishes for enjoying moments with someone from the opposite sex may remain unfulfilled. Singles may have to wait still more for serious relationship. According to Ganesha, planets do not support casual flings or any flirting without commitment. Those married will be elated by the prompt response of their spouse. You’ll be happy about the progress of your child. If planning to start a family, this seems like a good time. In the second half of the month, development plans may have to be postponed for the time being. You could use this phase to deliberate on decisions, review earlier actions and finalize on best moves for progress, advises Ganesha. Financially, you will be secure to meet unplanned setbacks. You need to be most careful about health issues here. During the last week of the month, you could be stressed about being pulled in opposite directions. The pressures and deadlines will compel you to rush to work, while critical domestic matters may require you to stay at home. Businessmen, though, could have a hard time here. Current planetary positions demand that you also maintain quality control to the maximum.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

Businessmen and entrepreneurs may be keen to expand. However, you will not be able to make much headway. This may make you feel dejected and uninspired. By 5th, you will be desperate to shake off your despondency. To divert your mind, you should make time to socialize with friends. In the second week, some major discontent in the family may arise; this will be handled sensitively by you. Businessmen and professionals could be busy with routine activities. A deep seated issue could worry you, though. Try and convert your negative feelings into positive ones, and move ahead, advises Ganesha. Singles could drop into the arms of a new found love and enjoy. Those who are middle aged and above may be troubled by untoward health issues. By mid-month, ones in business may get into a dispute with their partner over adopting strategies. Conflicts and arguments could become the order of the day. Try to settle matters tactfully without ruining your prospects, you may adopt an unrelenting, hard approach. Now your chances of getting provoked would be high. Rather, keep cool and be diplomatic. As the month draws to a close, married folks could also be stressed. Ganesha recommends that you ignore and not react to outbursts of your partner, instead focus on more meaningful and constructive diversions. As you introspect, you will try to correct your earlier mistakes and slip-ups. Bachelor’s could be under pressure from family to wed and settle down.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

Your financial position will be comfortable, as the month opens. There is a likelihood of singles getting into a romantic relationship with a coworker. You could be distracted and sidetracked by this. Businessmen will now have to be satisfied with routine gains. Married couples could have a troubled time. Do not react to unnecessary provocations, else the situation could escalate, advises Ganesha. In the second week, family and finance looks to be your main concerns. It is not that you will earn less, but you will be confused about managing your finances wisely. List out your priorities in consultation with your family to create a well thought out budget, suggests Ganesha. Businessmen could experience a dip in sales. Those doing jobs may be stressed by the heavy workload and excruciating deadlines. Health does not look good in the first fortnight of the month. There could be joint pains, respiratory complications or digestive disorders. You need to be extra careful here. By mid-month, difficulties may arise at work place. Plus, you may be overcome by a strong urge to change your job. Wait for an opportune time to move; till then, hang on. Around Wednesday, Young singles could have an enjoyable time with someone of the opposite sex; love birds would want to settle down, while those married will be tense and worried. In the last week, the harmony in married life could deteriorate further, worse than what it was at the beginning of the month. Plan a short vacation to iron out differences. No major monetary gains are envisioned here. Businessmen may get worried about the stagnating sales graph. Diabetics will need to be careful during this phase.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

The April will be supportive for businessmen and professionals, as the month begins. Take advantage of favourable conditions. But, at the same time, personal relationships may not work so well. Some domestic matters will need urgent attention. You may have to cough up money. Thankfully, in the coming days, stars may help you organise your work. Use this time to get systematic and increase your efficiency, urges Ganesha. The second week opens, in all probability, with your confidence spiraling down miserably. Your plans and projections could go haywire. You could appear directionless and unsure about the future course of action. But, by 12th or so, you can hope to recover, quite a bit. Self assured now, you will be working decisively. Financially, there may not be any discomfort. You will be spending wisely and saving satisfactorily. Tough times for job holders. As the third quarter of the month begins, you could face a mental block, around 14th-15th. Progressive forces may not work effectively. As the month end approaches, you may be unable to decisive moves. Even though you could be brimming with ideas, implementing new thoughts and dreams does not seem viable. Some unexpected expenses too could get bothersome. Keep an eye on your budgets now. No major threat to health is foreseen.

Leo HoroscopeLeo

As the month begin, you will hope that a flash of intuition lights your way ahead, helping you choose wisely. Fortunately, your wish will be granted here! Businessmen would be delighted, as profitable deals may come their way. Professionals may also gain now. However, career professionals may be left feeling let down by their seniors. Financially, things remain comfortable. Though, in the second week, you could bungle up on a golden opportunity. Family matters may keep you worried and discontented. You need to spend more time with the family to nurture these precious bonds. Care and discretion are called for! By mid-month, you could face difficulties in managing money matters. Haphazard planning may land you in a financial mess. You need to list out your priority for good money management. There could be setback for businessmen, job holders could be stressed. Singles, however, will benefit here. They could meet an old flame. Sweet old memories may get revived and passion may erupt. This relationship may get strengthened for long term. Enjoyable time for love birds. As the month draws to a close, you  may attract earning potential. Singles will long of physical intimacy. Those married are likely to sink their differences and enjoy marital bliss. However, may bring old health issues to the fore. Those with irregular blood pressure need to be cautious. Go for routine check-ups to be in control.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

Around month’s beginning, you could be much concerned about your spiritual evolution. Other crucial matters like finance and career may not be your top priority now. Those married may get offended by the inconsiderate attitude of their spouse. Ganesha suggests that you spend quality time together to tide over differences. Singles keen to enjoy romantic moments may come across obstacles. On 6th-7th, Finances will be relatively comfortable. Later, you may have to choose from multiple options, you may come across a dead-end with no viable opportunities. Ganesha recommends you to continue with your present endeavour with due diligence. Married couples too may find harmony and happiness drying up in their marital life. Unfortunately, there is no way out of that – for the moment. As the new fortnight commences, interests of businessmen may get damaged. Plans worked out for development may not mature. Those in jobs may be overcome by a strong urge to change. However, no major shift for the time being. Financially, there will be no cause for complain. In the last week, you might get agitated. You could troubled by the lack of progress in your life. Smile and endure the situation, says Ganesha. Regarding health, slow digestion could worry. Middle aged and above, suffering from irregular blood pressure, could have a tough time keeping things in control. Try meditation!

Libra HoroscopeLibra

Some strong resentment and discontent could prevail at the beginning. You could adopt an introspective and philosophical approach to handle issues as they come. According to Ganesha, by Thursday,  gainful time could commence. Job holders may get a hike in salary. Businessmen and professionals could now think of striking profitable deals. Those married could be swayed by temptation of an extramarital affair. In the second week, work related activities could keep you on the go. However, in a rush, ensure you do not overlook important opportunities. Singles may get into a happy, healthy relationship with a likeminded person and enjoy romantic moments together. Those already in love may hesitate to make any commitment for the time being. But for married couples, there is discord and dissonance written during this phase. You need to take better care of the sensibilities of your spouse to restore harmony, suggests Ganesha. By mid-month crucial for financial matters and routine activities for your sign, turns retrograde. You need to be careful about your financial dealings now. Some discontent brewing in the family may float up. What you need to do is spend time with the family to acquaint yourself with their needs and aspirations, advises Ganesha. Maybe you could plan an outing together to bond and belong together. Around Thursday, the celestial change does not spell well for relationships in general. Try to keep cool, under all circumstances. As the month draws to a close, some major unexpected expenses could see you getting stressed and anxious. You may need to dig into your savings to tide over exigencies or sudden shortfall. You will need to exercise utmost caution in spending in the next few days, warns Ganesha. Some minor health issue may bother. Respiratory system related complaints could require aggressive treatment to be nipped in the bud.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

In the first fortnight of the month, you should keep a low profile and not assert your views aggressively. You may want to withdraw from the outer world and turn inwards for inspiration, at this time. Ganesha advises that you should pay heed to constructive suggestions from well wishers. From 6th, there could be some relief, even though ground realities would not change much. You will need to be careful about your health too, as overexertion could take a toll. In the second week too, the influence on your psyche could be quite pronounced. Now, you will be overwhelmed by a desire to visit a sacred place far away where you could relax and lighten up. Job holders could earn rewards with their diligence. As the third week begins, you will need to lock up your negative feelings, before they begin to harm you. You may be temperamental and moody. Refrain from being critical and sarcastic, especially about shortcomings and omissions of the near ones. Around 16th or so, will be tough for those married; be prepared for unsavoury times. Avoid making any major commitment in monetary matters. Health may continue to remain bothersome. Toothache or eye/ ear related issues may flare up. As the month comes to an end, desist from making your mind up on areas concerning personal life, domestic issues and career, suggests Ganesha. No major monetary gains may be expected in the month’s last few days.

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

At the beginning of the month, you could be keen to sow the seeds of a new consciousness; a consciousness that takes your towards spiritual evolution, away from materialistic pulls. Around 6th, your frame of mind may change. Plus, this time, should bring good times for lovebirds. Singles too will find a great companion of the opposite sex. However, married life may not ring in harmony. Those who will benefit the most, in the first fortnight, will be businessmen. A lucky break may come their way, forecasts Ganesha. If you work in a business partnership, you may have serious differences with your partner, in the month’s second week. Ganesha cautions against making snide remarks or taking hasty decisions, even if the situation looks unbearable. Professionals may get frustrated for not getting an upgrade in designation, despite being qualified for the same. Singles will be dreamy-eyed about a new found love. Regarding health, diabetics or ones suffering from lifestyle diseases will need to be careful. If you live wisely, you will live well, says Ganesha! Mid-month, times will be tough. Issues in personal life may keep you stressed. Businessmen and professionals may suffer setbacks. Committed ones may feel stifled and uncomfortable in their relationship. Financially, thankfully, there may not be much to worry. Health still needs care in the month’s latter half. There is a possibility of getting injured. Play safe, warns Ganesha. Your energy levels could be low. You could get knocked down by some viral infection. Looks like only the singles will be cheered around 28th or 29th. They may start getting closer to an old friend.

Capricone HoroscopeCapricorn

Right exposure is necessary to showcase one’s inherent ability. At the beginning of the month, you could face hindrance in finding the appropriate platform to prove your skills. You may also not get due recognition for your work. This is called eventuality of fate, opines Ganesha. Emerging Thursday could lead you to follow the right direction. Health could take a serious turn here. In the second week, a minor tiff could escalate into major differences with your significant other. Both could rake up past instances to blame each other for some or the other wrongdoing. It will take a couple of days for the dispute to settle down. Singles seeking serious relationship are likely to get support from current planetary transits. You may need to listen to your heart here, not do an intellectual analysis of the person concerned. Remember – Relationship is a kind of two-way street; communications and perceptions move in both directions, alerts Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals may be able to strike profitable deals. By the third week, some domestic, household matter could need your immediate attention and redressal. The situation may worsen. Your efforts may prove futile as you may not be able to settle matters to the satisfaction all concerned. A visit from an old friend may calm you down, informs Ganesha. Singles may continue to enjoy the company of new found love. Those married could face an uphill task maintaining harmony. As the month draws to a close, professionals and businessmen could benefit. However, there could be hurdles and progress hampered. Not a favorable time for launching new projects or expanding present activities. Personal expenses could increase now. You need to set priorities, track your spending and stick to your budgets, stresses Ganesha. Guard against viral infections.

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

As the month begins, focus on learning the art of building healthy, long-term relationships. Refrain from embarking on a fault-finding mission. In a relationship, a strong foundation can be built by concentrating on the positives, but be careful. You will need to be careful of people with questionable integrity. In the second week, your ability to think decisively and act confidently could be reduced. Job holders may get stressed here. It is the constant nagging of your boss that infuriates you. At times, you may feel like throwing up everything, quitting your job and looking for new options. Ganesha advises that you should look for secure growth prospects and not immediate gains in salary here. Businessmen need to be all ears about feedback of customers. Pay attention to quality and high delivery standards. With regards to health, try finding a permanent cure to a nagging issue, instead of just popping pills for quick relief. There may be some disappointment in the coming fortnight. You could get annoyed on missing a seemingly great opportunity. There could be a minor setback for businessmen and professionals. They may need to put in additional effort to achieve desired results. Also, temperamental tendencies have to be reigned in, alerts Ganesha. In the last week, your optimism may increase. But as days progress, you are likely to get distracted. Professionals, though, may have it relatively easier here. Good time to party and socialise for singles.

Pisces HoroscopePisces

The month begins with strong overtones of sensuality and sexuality. Whether married or single, you will yearn for physical intimacy. It really is refreshing to enjoy the wonderful pleasures of life! You will be joyful and upbeat around this time. Now you need to be careful about monetary transactions. Businessmen will need to follow-up regularly to recover due payments. Those working with multinational companies need to be careful and deliberate thoroughly before making final commitment. In the second week, you could get stressed due to numerous conflicting impulses pushing you in different directions. Young singles seem to be favored here. Those in love will be eager for marriage and pleasures of life. However, married couples may be unhappy on finding the monotony setting in. In the second fortnight, You will not be able to act firmly. It would be wiser to use this time to reflect on past actions and decisions, and revise, if needed, suggests Ganesha. By the month end, businessmen would have to contend with routine gains, as no major deal is foreseen. Traders should use this time to count their stocks and prepare inventory of goods and materials. No major health issue is likely to bother you, if you take good care.

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