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Mother Of Orphans: The Story Of A Woman Who Has Adopted 80 Daughters

She was not even born when her parents decided on her fate. Eager to have a baby boy, they choose to kill the baby in the womb, if it was a girl. Thanks to Bibi Sandeep Kaur, who requested the girl’s mother not to kill her before birth, promising to take care of the child, especially if it is a girl, as her own daughter. The toddlers’ name is Agamjot Kaur, who would celebrate her 2nd birthday in next three months.

Bibi Sandeep Kaur

Bibi Sandeep Kaur is an in-charge at Bhai Dharam Singh Khalsa Charitable Trust (BDSKT) based in Amritsar, India. It is an organisation for Sikh Community, home to many girls who were refused to be accepted by their parents and to the daughters of martyred Singh’s after the Khalistan Movement. Bibi Sandeep Kaur was herself arrested during 1992, during a protest for the rights of Sikh Community. After completing four years in Jail, she pledge to educate the children and write the heroic deeds of Martyred Sikhs. Bibi is fulfilling her dream of educating the girls and giving them a home to live in.

Bibi sandeep kaur orphans

And most importantly, she has become a Mother of Orphans. Mother to almost 80 girls.

Agamjot is not the only daughter she adopted, there are almost 80 other girls to whom she has become a mother. “During the Khalistan movement, many lives were lost in encounters, there were orphans and I decided to adopt them. I also take care of children who lost their father”. Bibi Sandeep Kaur, manages to give home, education and a big family to live together through the organisation funds and her own contribution.

Ranjeet Kaur, one of her elder adopted daughters says, “ My father is dead and my family didn’t bear the cost of my studies, I came here and I am able to pursue higher studies”. “I wouldn’t have completed my studies if I was at home. I have completed my BA and will start MA this year”.

India’s Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi says, everyday almost 2,000 girls are killed before or immediately after their birth in India. Female infanticide is one of the major problems eating up India since centuries. Highly patriarchal Indian society, prevalence of dowry system and considering the boy child being the future source of income, are among the major reasons leading a way to million murders of innocent girls.

female infanticide

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Since 1981 to 2011, 12 million girls were aborted in India. Isn’t this a horrifying act? I wonder and think how morbid a human nature can be! One easily kills her own daughter, her own flesh, while there are others raises someone’s daughter as her’s. Not one, not two but EIGHTY!

Arpandeep Kaur who feels lucky to be with Bibi Sandeep Kaur says, “Every girl here pursues her own interest in studies. All facilities are given, even computers are here too”. “We are even asked to tell our food wishes”. According to Arpandeep, they are a big family living together happily.

Bibi Sandeep Kaur is a good news in the midst of daughters being killed, thrown away in dustbins and if not these,  they are raised just to be raised and later forced into sex business as a source of income. This lady with a golden heart is a real hero. She pleads to every young couple of the country, “I request all who think girls are burden, please don’t kill them. Let them live, it’s their right to life”. “If you don’t want a daughter don’t kill her, please contact me I will adopt your daughter”.

This makes me take a deep breath, not just a sign of relief thinking there are people who have the courage to come up and make bold moves but also a saddens me to the core, thinking of an Indian society where one woman has to plead for the life of a girl who is not even her daughter. Her request NOT to KILL the GIRL Child is painful. Bibi Sandeep Kaur is doing a god’s miracle by becoming a mother of Eighty girls. Not everyone can become her, but everyone can share and educate women not to kill their daughters!

My heart cries at the thought…. these are just 80 girls who were lucky to find Ms. Kaur, What happens to the millions every day and every month? Let’s share this story to inspire our friends and family.

Thank you Bibi Sandeep Kaur!

You make us believe in Humanity, Believe in God and Most importantly, Believe in Good Deeds!!

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