Women's Day

Mother The Ultimate Guru!

Mother …Maa..Amma…Aai….and many more synonyms for the person is the epicentre of everyone’s life. Every being in existence today has their birth giver as the most important person in their lives.

Not only humans but this holds true even for the animal species.A mother carries the baby for 9 months in her womb, she is also subsequently the first person that interacts with the baby and the first one that the baby sees after entering the world. It is the most special bond and undoubtedly the strongest one as compared to any other. A mother will never be able to express to what a child means to her as words will always fall short of the love that she feels for her child.

Women's Day

A child’s foundation is built with whom he/she spends most of the time of their early years of childhood. Of course, the mother is always around, but here we don’t marginalise a father’s contribution towards the same. It is only the paucity of time being a problem as in most cases he is expected to be the bread earner of the family.

Today we are highlighting the mother as the first guru. So, my thoughts on this are that it is not about instructional teaching but the everyday observations that a child makes about his surroundings and thereby learns from.

A mother is aware of this and thus tries to do things around the child which leave a positive impression in his or her mind. What you do around them or with them makes them the person they are and also teaches life lessons which helps them to sustain in this world.

Her love and warmth can be the much-needed balm that will soothe every hurt and also her push or reprimand will ensure that the child does not go astray and rather fight all the battles.


She also makes it a point to provide an environment that the child can use to his advantage and share, feel secure and also take guidance as when he/she feels the need for it. A mother also needs to be strong enough to see her child suffer and go through his / her own journey and let him learn from his mistakes.

She is actually an all in one who is a counsellor providing emotional support, a fighter ensuring a child develops coping skills, a teacher who ensures educational skills, and a mother who provides a safe haven.

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