Biking to Work

How Much Can I Save By Biking To Work?

It is common knowledge that cycling is good for health. The said benefits range from working out, being a universal body muscle toner, all the way to boosting cardio vascular health and many more.The countless benefits to the body that are attributed to biking seem to carry the day whenever the cycling topic is introduced. However what many people forget or rather tend to overlook is the fact that cycling over a period of time could save one quite a huge amount of money than they can ever imagine. How much then can I save from biking to work, is the question many might ask. The following is an outline of the answers to the big question.

Biking will count as the second cheapest way to get to work after walking. Cycling will be reasonable especially where the distance is quite huge. This makes it the ideal method of getting to work for those who intend to save some cash on transport.

Acquiring Costs

A bike is generally cheaper to acquire as compared to other modes of transport such as a car.  With the help of the open stores as well as the numerous online trading forums, it is easy for one to get a bike for as low as three hundred dollars. It is important for an anticipating buyer to state their budget, their preferences as well as the distance and terrain they intend to be using the bike in. This will help the seller get them the ideal bike which will give them good value for their money.This is the same situation even when it comes to its equipments which are evidently cheaper than motor vehicle spare parts. It is very easy to acquire a bike at a flexible budget as opposed to a car, the cost of the two cannot be compared to each other. This is in the public domain one can easily compare the cost of buying a car to that of a bicycle and calculate how much they will save by getting the bike.

Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining a vehicle is far too high as compared to maintaining bike.This starts from daily fueling of the car while the bike will only need oiling once in a while. Depending on the distance one drives to work daily, it is possible to count how much one will save from cycling to work by factoring in how much fuel they could be using in a day. This is also the case with regard to paying for the insurance and breakdown charges. These are way too expensive while paying for a vehicle continuously. A bike only needs proper care by the owner and may only require a few repairs here and there. Such repairs may be attributed to the tear and wear. A vehicle on the other hand, requires regular servicing which requires expertise to do.

Reduced Expenses

One could save around 500 dollars over the year, and the exact figures will only be determined from the distance to and from work. There are a number of calculators online too,. The calculators will help one determine the exact amount of money they have saved. This is though entering the cost of their current daily go to bikes and comparing it to the cost of the rail return ticket from where they live.  Factoring in the report of AAA, the cost per mile is 58.5 cents on average. This therefore means that one could save a lot of dollars by cycling which could have been driving expenses. Here, the catch is that, most of the expenses of the bike are one time, while a vehicle will constantly require gas as well as insurance covers.

Parking Bike

Parking Bike

Parking Fees

For a vehicle, paying for parking fees is almost unavoidable. This is especially if the place of work does not offer parking space (which is also usually tucked in among other charges to the employees.Most of the states have reserved sections for free bicycle parking while others allow them to be parked at subsidized fees.  Having to pay parking fees everyday then gives you an exact figure of how much one could save say in a month if they parked their bike for free.


Cycling is undoubtedly the ideal way to receive unlimited benefits to the body while at the same time saving hard earned money. For someone whose main objective is to save a couple of coins, then cycling beats driving as well as the use of public transport. This is primarily attributed to its reduced expenses which are associated with the two. In order to come up with the exact amount of money they will save, they need to know how much they spend on fuel daily or on public transport charges. From this, they can subtract a few onetime expenses or general expenses of the bike and find the difference between then to find out how, much. Electric scooter is dependable last-mile transport alternative.

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