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My Classmates Say I Have ZERO Beauty Standard – Sharanya Pillai

Today, I sit with a deep thought that Will India & Other Countries ever GROW? The word BEAUTY comes up with a tag and all the responsibility. But, why hype unnecessarily?

Ever since my childhood, I used to consider me beautiful. Even in my school I used to think I was beautiful. I was intelligent, modest and brilliant in extra-curricular activities. As a child I got all the importance.

From Convent Education, Gujarat I got Admission in one of the most reputed Educational Institutions of Delhi. But soon, in my first year of college, I got my REALITY CHECK. Suddenly I realized that I was Plump, Dark and Beauty was not skin deep. I felt like an ugly duckling among all the fair maidens. I look average but still somewhere I was confident being a brilliant student.


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The worst part of my experience in Delhi was that the ladies there, do not move out of the house without make-up. Even in the lectures at 9 am, girls of my class had time to dress up and do eye-shadow and iron hair. Class room was a platform to flaunt off the beauty and showcase the new trends. This was the thing that I used to lack. It was more than a month in a new city and I did not had any single buddy.

Is being dark skinned a sin? Are you not considered beautiful? Why does every guy want a girlfriend who is fair skinned? There were a lot of questions that kept rushing into my mind, but when I looked for answers, there were none.

Compared to my bunch of old school friends, I had none in my college. I was just used by my class mates when they missed the lectures and wanted notes. Days passed, my only concentration was to get good grades. Nobody invited me to the parties, nor I had anyone to accompany for pubs or clubs. Dating for me was altogether was something impossible. Here, kind heart, friendly smile, and helpful hands were pushed aside, while fair looking girls, chic ladies and their plastic smiles won the Love race.

I was always modest and passionate about my studies and was in the good books of my lecturers. But, as if life wasn’t supposed to be easy after all.

It was heights, when a few bimbo’s from my class rumored about me dating our good old lecturer. I simply could not digested this. My parents and childhood friends were my backup and kept me in good mood. The campus and classroom had turned into a negative place for me. I did not give up and keeping the unnecessary headache apart, scored well. My values for living life was different. Outer beauty was never my concern and will never be.

I really had tough time in gulping that world is full of mixed people while I had to confront the toughest ones. And all this, just because I am dark complexioned and that I don’t apply makeup every day?

I request women at large to get out of their closet and see the real natural beauty. Special thanks to all the beauty products and misleading advertisements and other such whitening creams which has polluted the mindset. Media has to be sensible, when they carelessly publicize those racial discriminating advertisements.

Remember, the world is NOT just for the attractive looking people out there. Somewhere behind the dark skin resides a beautiful heart as well!

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