daddy's princess

My Dad Knows It All

On The International Father’s Day, Here is a Toast To All the Darling Daddies. You would agree to the statement that ‘Dad is the superhero of our life.’ When it comes to daughter’s , Don’t you think so that daughters are more close to their daddy? Well Yes! Today we will let out the genuine emotions of a present generation dad. This article is for the daughters who have got the coolest daddy ever.

At many instances, we understand that mom plays a very integral part in our life. But our dearest Fathers’ equally matter to every child. They have always been the idol of wisdom and the ultimate peacemaker when daughters’ and moms’ fight. There can be numerable such stories that can be said when it comes to “Father’s”. The following is an articulation of strong adoration & sentiments that our Darling Daddy Shows us every day. A Father is aware about all the things related to his daughter.


My Father Knows I need a Boyfriend

Yes! My dad is aware that I am a big girl and I do need a partner or a boy friend as a support apart from my family and friends. And he is pretty open and happy that I have someone to love me and take care of me when he is not around.



Yes ! It’s very true that even father’s can be excellent hair dresser and help their princess look even more adorable.

dad cooking

MY Dad is the BEST CHEF

I can shout DAD ‘M Hungry! & You know what? My dad will come up with the best delicacies that I have not even thought of in my dream. Well! It’s always amazing to eat what your darling dad prepares for you with all the possible love. Right!

dad sanitary pads

My Dad Knows To Buy My SANITARY PADs

No! Why should you feel shy? Why can’t your dad bring in your Sanitary napkin. I have a very understanding dad who is easily approachable & Yes! He knows the type and the brand of the pads that his daughter wear. My dad does not feel bad to move out and get pads for me.
hot pants

My Dad Knows I love Hot-Pants

I can flaunt off and wear whatever I am comfortable in. My dad knows I am more okay with the shorts as that is how I have been raised. He has never forced me to wear anything. I can independently choose the clothes that I Like to wear. All he wants is my daughter must feel comfortable in her skin. Yeah, that’s right.


My Father Can be the Best Helper

My father is certainly the best brides maid in literal sense. He can accompany me and my whenever we are out for shopping. Also when the helpers are at leave my dad would assure that he shares the work with me and home. Yes. Even I feel How Lucky I am!


My father knows I Want Night Out
My father understands my mood swings and my state where I badly need a night out with my best buddies. And He is always fine whenever I ask. He is very straight forward and keeps minding his business though but yes I have never seen him denying for things that matters to me. As even He know that I need my freedom at the end of the day.

My Father Knows That He Is the Best Man In His Daughter’s Life.

A father & Daughter Relationship is always charming.

Daughters would always remain a daddy’s little princess even if she grows up.

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