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My Endless List Of Wishes For 2016!

It’s Gone…2015 is gone as fast as it had come, letting go off of all the sorrows and the bad past experiences. With this node, we also welcome 2016 with a new beginning, smiles, happiness and lots of wishes… A Aaa.. When we say wishes, I am sure you have guessed it right. I am writing about the several wishes that women like you and me always wish for, no matter whether it is about going Slim… disappearing your acne…. Making money rain on you… etc. etc. So, here are some of the best wishes made by women which even you will relate to.

Its raining money

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  1. Every Woman’s Wish

I wish it rains cats and dogs in the form of Money, so that I can fulfil all my desires.

New Year Wish - 2

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  1. Smile Please

All I wish to do is, just smile at my husband to convince him for my shopping spree attitude.

New Year Wish - 3

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  1. This Time In Reality

The dream of owning the Hermione’s Beaded Bag (From Harry Potter Film Series)!

New Year Wish - 4

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  1. Is This Possible?

I pray that I take only 5-10 minutes to get ready for the party forever.

New Year Wish - 5

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  1. Dil Se!

India should become an example for world on how they respect Women!

New Year Wish - 6

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  1. Deep From My Heart

My nation’s crime rate should see it’s extinction and success, its zenith.

New Year Wish - 7

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  1. Much Needed One

Woman should understand the difference between a real beauty and the painted one.

New Year Wish - 8

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  1. Because Partying Is Fun

There should be no gender based difference, And I would be allowed for late night parties.

New year Wish - 9

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  1. Eeeeee Yaaahaa!

To learn every defense tactics to defend myself from the attackers and protect the weak like a superwoman.

New Year wish - 10

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  1. I Have A Jumbo Passport

God, let me see every country in this world! A World tour would be awesome!

I still have so many wishes for this new year to go with but these are the special ones. Do you have any to share with us? Has any of the above matched with your dreams? If yes then not to forget to share the same with us. Happy New Year 2016!

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