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My Gynecologist – My Best Friend!

A Gynec visit… What are you pregnant?? Tell any of your friends about your gynaec appointment, and I am sure this is exactly the question they will ask you without sparring a second thought. But, common ladies…it’s time we grow out of the shell and think wisely about our health. There can be several reasons why you need to visit your gynaec. And visiting him/ her doesn’t imply that you are prego or have menstrual issues.

For a woman, may she be a teenager or a mother or an aged lady, her major health issues are nearly related to her vagina and the hormones related to it. You either have an irregular cycle, hormone imbalance, cysts, pregnancy etc. all your emotional and physical changes are first shared between you and your gynec. So, if you have been a little scared about your gynec visits, here are 5 reasons to push you through the door and make your gynec your Best Friend for life!

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  1. About to be a teenager:

Changes in a young girl’s physique happen at the time of her ‘puberty’. That is when an adult sister or mother should accompany her to a trustworthy and friendly gynecologist, who explains these changes and prepare her for the future in a friendly manner.

Keeping a Record

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  1. Irregularity in the monthly cycles:

Noting down your monthly cycles (periods) is a good habit, it helps you notice any change. And, it is important that you clarify the details about the same from your gynaec. There could be various causes for it.

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  1. Flow of blood after a sexual contact:

A little loss of blood after an intercourse may be due to the physical handling from both partners. This may happen occasionally, if it is noticed regularly, visiting your gynec is necessary.

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  1. Desiring to be a mother:

After a steady married life, every woman wishes to experience the joy of motherhood. But planning a baby can never be complete without the proper advise of your gynecologist. Visiting a gynaec will clear the doubts. She/ He will explain the various options available today and guide you in making the most vital decision of your life. Once your tests are positive, your visits should be regular so that your doctor confirms your good health. The gynecologist could also suggest your food intake, the workout routine and weight issues to help you conceive a baby. She could tell you about what to avoid and what activities to do.

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5. Unsafe Proximity:

If the physical contact with your companion is frequently without protection then the chances of your exposure to ‘STDs’ are more.  In this case, consulting your gynec is important.

Your gynec helps you to be in a peaceful state by performing a series of tests to make sure that you are physically fit. This calmness starts with your selection of a gynecologist, who should have a pleasant nature. She/ He should be professional and at the same time friendly. Speaking to her/ him and sharing your problems should keep you relaxed and assured.

A visit to the Gynecologist is inevitable to treat issues at the beginning stage. Doubts of many cancerous growths that affect women, Breast and Cervical cancer can be detected at the initial stage only if you get yourself checked regularly. The Gynec can take all the measures to cure before the cancer worsens. Efficient, skilled Gynecologists can treat issues like “Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis and PMS” that normally affects women.

So, whether you are teen, or a little girl just about to hit your puberty, a healthy woman or an mother, it is important that you visit your gynecologist regularly.

A gynec is a woman’s friend for life!

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