ginger and turmeric powder

Natural Remedies To Cure Aches

Food is important for our health and survival. But, not everything that waters our mouth is good for our health. There are certain food items such as spices, fruits and other kitchen ingredients that can actually help us cure body aches when consumed. There is more to food than satisfying the taste buds in our mouth.

Here is a list of certain fruits and spices that help fight aches OR even prevent aches in the body.

  • Various berries: Berries like black, blue, straw and “raspberry” have the ache fighting elements. Since they are tasty, everyone enjoys eating them.
  • Ginger Power: Dry and fresh ‘Ginger’ is not just eaten for a bad voice box or tummy alone, but both have elements that fight body swellings.
  • Cherries as Fighters: Tangy or Sweet, both the varieties of cherries are good as pain fighters. However, the tangy ones are told to work better. It seems to be 10times more effective than a pain killer.
  • Turmeric Antiseptic: When talking of cures and treatments, one cannot omit turmeric as a home cure. It has more qualities to it than one. It can be used as a pain killer, anti-septic and as a healer to hidden wounds inside the body.
  • Salmon: Although it is said to work well on inflamed bone joints and tummy upsets, it can also be used to fight ‘rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Coffee: Though caffeine is bad for health, consuming merely 200mg of Caffeine present in coffee is said to be good for headache and migraines.
  • Walnuts: Omega-3 found in walnut is a good substitute for salmon. Eat them if you don’t like salmon to fight inflammation and pain caused due to arthritis.
  • Flax: It is not good as a cooking oil; so what! But Flax oil can fight aches. The acidic quality found in the seeds is found effective in aches and swelling. But, if the oil is used for cooking it can cause the same symptoms. So use this oil in minimal quantities.

  • Celery: The seeds and the leaves have more than 20 elements that fight against swellings. The leaves can be used in soups, stews and salads.

  • Basil and Mint: The leaves of sage Basil and others like mint are good to fight throat infections and chest cold.

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