I Never Believed In Friendship, But A Tragedy Changed My Life!

Life for me is very straight, simple, I do not like any glitters-shor sharaba and hence no friends but just colleagues. Of Course, no parties, no hangouts, just a plan to reach the desired dream of a successful woman and that’s why I even fought with my parents to live alone and make my life myself in Mumbai. I loved the causal lonely life, I wouldn’t call it lonely though, as my work is my companion. I loved Mumbai from the depth of my heart, it never made me feel lonely, the gushing waters on marine drive gave me peace.

One night it was a little late than usual, I took the local train and was all in myself, just knew that the ladies compartment was almost empty. Out of tiredness I closed my eyes and consciously awaited my station announcement, little did I knew that I would be groped by a man who I really don’t know came from where? I fought back and slapped the guy but to defend himself he caught me from neck, pushed me to the floor and began unzipping his trousers. I began to stand but he pushed me down forcefully. The hell broke loose, I was blank, with my eyelashes gone stable, I could hear nothing… until a girl from behind pulled the man’s shirt and pushed him towards the door in the running train.

He became imbalanced and annoyed, as he stepped towards us, the girl warned him with a pepper spray on one hand and a phone call to police on another. He still managed to come forward, but this lady blew out the pepper spray and hit him in the scrotum. He lost all his senses, neither he could manage his burning eyes nor his wailing machoism. This worked well as the lady in the machine suddenly announced the next station which was in less than a minute.

Police was already on the station and things got taken care. I was still not stable, the girl who saved me was no one but a colleague from my office. I recalled she was the one who shared smile every time I made an eye contact with her, but I walked away showing zero gestures. As she kept her hand on my shoulder, “Are you okay?” I hugged her tightly and cried like a horror struck baby. She hugged me back and consoled me, asked me to be calm as everything was in control.

After two days I reached office at time and there she was with a morning smile, I smiled back! I felt good, refreshing and my day went well than it did earlier. I began talking to her at office lunch, after office we traveled together and she was fun, her friends were also caring and were like a family. On weekends she called me up for a hangout and I agreed, I couldn’t believe how, but it did and I loved it, it made me calm and composed, all seemed balance. I am not saying all my tensions and life problems became nil but I did a get a break from them, at least for few hours and I was happy about it.

Today, she is my best friend and I share every happy and sad instances of life with her and vice versa. She taught me few things, to live the present, the current moment. To never let go faith in people, even in a stranger, they help you when you need it genuinely. And there are friends hidden in everyone, you just have to find them, scratch those qualities and polish them to shine. Friends might not be your financial crisis rescuer but definitely a cheerleader. They do not have the label of good appearances, religion, gender or even species for that matter, we all know dogs being loyal friends to humans, they just come in every sizes, color and forms.

Happy Friendship Day!!

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