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Nishil Died And Took Along Many Happy Smiles, A Regretful Suicide Story!

Nishil is a renowned architect in his city, he comes from a simple family where his father is a teacher in a school. Life was perfect, a small and happy one indeed. Nishil is known for his loving, caring and full of life attitude! Due to his fun loving, happy go lucky belief, he is loved by all his family and big friend’s circle. Not to forget, he is also the most eligible groom in the society. Women are ready to leave everything to marry him, such is his aura among people and the surroundings!

If he is so eligible, educated, a well earning man do you think he wouldn’t find a woman to marry? Of course he did! Nishil believes in one woman who can be his soulmate for rest of his life. Soon, he is married to the love of his life. Ask for anything and he had in his life. A beautiful wife, loving and caring parents, of course friends who would live by him at all those happy and sad happenings. Nothing so elite nor in the dregs, his life was an perfect example of how a family and a happy life should be. Adding more to the joyous world, arrived his little one, Junior Nishil.

Flourishing Business, Happy life but one day, He calls his father, “ Dad, I do not want to live anymore… I am going to commit suicide! I cannot take this shit!” With his trembling hands and heavy voice his father had just opened his mouth, “Beta.. Where are you? Come home first..What….” And the phone was disconnected!

Before anyone could react, before anyone could even think of a possible reason for such thoughts… the other side, Nishil had already gulped Poison! He soon realized that it wasn’t the right thing he did, tried to call people, tried to scream but he was already struggling to stop the blood oozing out of his nose and mouth. He was dead, lying on the pool of his own blood on the floor.

The life everyone craved to be a part of, shattered in seconds, nothing would be as before. Nishil left no reason that had dragged him to take a lethal decision. Nobody knew what worried him so much, that he had not even shared it with his wife, the woman whom he loved the most. Life changed, every bit of it. His father now has began a part time job at a bookstore, to support a bit of financial situation which may soon wither if not added little of little earnings. Nishil’s wife has forgotten how to smile, she works from morning 6 to 10 in the night, also takes care of her little son – who believes his father is out for a meeting and will be back soon. He keeps wearing and smelling his father’s clothes and often asks his grandmother, “Dadi, why you don’t pray god these days?”

His mother had lost faith in the universe, for not giving her son a required courage, for not making her a valuable mother, who could teach her son the importance of life. She had lost her belief in relations thinking how could her son, whom she had given a life could end his life for an unknown reason leaving her and family. She remains silent the entire day and when asked to talk, there’s only one thing, “I want to know what made Nishil end his life.”

What was it? Can something be more important and precious than a life? Can anything so freaky uncontrollable or intolerable that your family and friends wouldn’t have had helped you? These days people have no value for life, it is something they could afford loosing! They do not think, their quick immature decision lands their family into a slow death, more painful than a suicide! Where is the happiness now? Did the problem which forced Nishil to end his life, solved?

Later it was found that Nishil had invested a lot of money in Stock Market, and depending on that he had planned things in business which he had lost poorly.

Never take such cowardly decisions, life is precious and connected to many people you love. Think about them! Problems come and go, some are big to solve but not permanent. We learn from such problems and hence be a hero and do not set an example of being a coward. Nishil died with so many smiles along, there are so many in the world who have ended their lives for some reasons and if someone who have ever thought of ending a life, THINK! There’s a hollowness behind that door, at least this side you will have support from your family and friends.

Let’s not consider our life an inexpensive object to throw away. It’s precious and needs to be used for the welfare of your family, yourself and the society.

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