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Oh Sexy ME… Lets Go Bridal Lingerie Shopping!!

Corsets…frills… baby-doll…lacy and perhaps even skimpier!! Hey gals…now with the wedding date closing in, its time to choose your sexy bridal lingerie and your absolutely breath-taking honeymoon or first night lingerie! Ok… stop giggling about the lingerie part and the thought of actually being kissed and taken to the bed by your hubby on the wedding night or some scene from Kamasutra.

Shopping for your wedding day and your honeymoon day…S(extended honeymoon) can be really stomach tickling and the most memorable experience of a lifetime. Right from asking the sales guy for wedding night lingerie to checking out new patterns…it’s all gonna be a real funny experience. So, take your BFFs along for purchasing that sexy LITTLE piece that will change your life.

Believe me, the minute you enter the lingerie shop, you will actually start blushing while asking for a sexy bridal innerwear for your wedding day. And once you start seeing more, the actual fun begins…your BFFs passing out naughty comments and you simply can’t stop rolling your eyes from those sexy lingerie pieces. But, before you actually purchase them… make sure you think well and are sure you have the balls to wear them. After all you don’t want them to stay in your closet secretly for a lifetime. I still know a friend who bought a sexy black net lingerie for her wedding…and kept it in her closet for at least the first 6 months before she wore them for the special night.

So, lets see on how and what lingerie to buy for your wedding day.

Keeping it cozy for the wedding day

Wedding day Lingerie

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For the wedding day, choose to wear regular lingerie that gives you complete comfort and ZERO uneasiness. I am sure you don’t want yourself staying uncomfortable during the pheras or getting clicked while trying to pull your choli up to avoid showing your cleavages. So, for the wedding, go simple but classy. Choose beautiful colors, patterns and brands that can help you look perfectly in shape. And yes…Please buy a set… panties and bra alike!

Getting Oomphier… First night and Honeymoon lingerie

OK… now comes the most interesting part. So, what lingerie to wear for your first night and the honeymoon? Go bold, show your sensuous side by wearing a hot skimpy little lingerie piece.


corset bridal lingerie

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It can be a sexy corset with side laces or back laces. They are cozy and can give your body the perfect toned look. Moreover, because they cover majority of your torso, some shy brides can actually feel comfortable in them. Strictly go for Black or White colors only.


Lacy Bridal Lingerie

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For a more revealing look, go ahead for the lacy lingerie. They can be really sexy, especially the ones that come with thongs. But, make sure you buy the right size and fit into them right. I hope you understand what I mean. J They look sexy in almost all colors, esp Black, red and white.


BabyDoll bridal lingerie

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Naughty and sexy! The babydoll lingerie are absolutely perfect for naughty brides. The design, revealing patterns and ease to remove…they can add a lot of spice to your first night and give utmost pleasure to your husband seeing you in them. Colors you might like… Pink and White!

Frill gowns + thongs

Frill Ruffles Bridal lingerie

If you still want to go a bit fantasy driven, these frill ones are an ideal choice. The frills surely add volume to your look but also give you a sexy feel. And the thongs… they just seem right for the occasion. Go for colors like Black or White!

With these bridal lingerie now available in almost all lingerie stores, choosing one gets really easy.J Happy Honeymooning!!

Tip: Buy one of each pattern…. To keep your wedding days spicy and love-making fun!!

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