5 Wardrobe Investments That You Need Now

Girls, let’s admit this – there is no way that we should be off the trend at any point in our lives. Being inside the fashion radar is a must. And this does not simply mean shifting our wardrobe and replacing every piece every other trend. It takes a lot of time, and because clothing can come expensive, it also takes some sort of budget for the whole makeover.

Luckily, there are timeless clothing pieces. We can find these in almost every boutique nearby. Malls give installment offers, thrift shops have new bundles weekly, and people now even sell authentic castoffs online. Clothing can be as expensive as possible, but what are the trends that take our investments worth the try? Let’s find out.

1. Best of both trends

Now let’s start with the accents. Prominent watch brand Omega is releasing monotone and golden touches earlier this year. And what’s interesting is that minimalism and extravagance are both the focuses of the brand. They have come up with intricate and fully-embellished pieces like their Seamaster and Speedmaster series.

Other accessories that are dealing with trends are chains. Necklaces and bracelets are important pieces in formal wear and streetwear. And with that said, size can come oppositely for both style avenues. Sleek outfits prefer thinner chains, and urban get-ups would prefer otherwise.

2. Everything Nude

Nude ensembles have been famous for many celebrities nowadays, with the likes of Beyonce and the Kardashians. The best thing about this color is that it has been a go-to color since 2015. Luxury wear, streetwear, and even casual fits have nude colorways available in the market. And if you are lucky enough, getting a whole boyfriend suit can do your layering more corporate and sexy.

Nude pieces would include formal jackets, satin dresses, and mostly cotton necessities like shirts and chinos. Almost every fit can be possible with nude colors like khaki, and this color can come in various shades and tints.

3. That one fabric

Investing in designer brands can sometimes be a waste of time and money. But what if I tell you that going to thrift shops can turn your makeover perspective around? With tons of hand-me-downs of different brands, you can never go wrong spending with each piece, especially denim.

This is where denim jeans and jackets can be found in most cases. You don’t have to worry about browsing in designer shops that pop big tags, as thrift shops can provide you better fabric choices. Another giveaway is that most of these designer brands can still be found lurking around this cheap lane.

4. Plains and Prints

When it comes to investing in clothes, one cannot go wrong with the most basic. But, if you are as stylish as you think, having to invest in printed pieces can also be possible. Aside from plain tops and bottoms, being able to layer them can be effective for every trend. Even if classic pieces are worn, as long as it appeals to a palette, then you are good to go.

This is the same with printed dresses, graphic tees, and other speckled pieces. With proper research, mixing up a pattern or three can help you achieve quirkier fits for a particular season. Let’s say summer, for example. Tie-dye shirts can be matched with a pair of graphic beach shorts, as long as the colors complement each other.

If the colors of your shirt shout orange and yellow, then you might want to neutralize both with a cool color, like that of denim. On the other hand, going quirky with the tie-dye design can also be paired with bottoms of the same colors present with the shirt. Sometimes, having to complement colors in clothing can be more effective than their prints alone.

5. Utility Wear

Who runs the world? Girls. And this means every possible style can be worn by any woman, including utility wear. Now, this had been very likable in most streetwear personas like Rihanna. The grunge and military vibe that this style brings is just remarkable and appealing to the eyes. Other silhouettes of this style include loose and boxy cuts, along with multiple pockets, hence the name of the look.


As a woman, being able to look presentable on every occasion is one big achievement. And with these trends that seem timeless, you will not have to worry anymore about investing in them. You just have to exert a bit of effort into knowing what should be or should not be worn.

To add, you should also know your budget. Being able to buy the most expensive piece can also fuel your style longer. But, there will also be times when you have to scale down to your money threshold. These would include going to thrift stores or making good deals at shopping centers.

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