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4 Reasons Why You Should Only Use High Quality CBD Products

With so many CBD products available online and being sold in stores, some may feel that they’re not effective. They may be using a low-quality or unauthentic CBD product to conclude that CBD products are not effective even when there are many people who testified to the it’s positive results regarding how it lessens the symptoms of some illnesses. 

To prevent being fooled in purchasing low quality or fake CBD products, you should always check the authenticity to be able to experience the health benefits it offers. For example, Cheefbotanicals offers all natural grown cannabidiol which can guarantee that it is a high-quality CBD product. Here are some reasons that can help you convince yourself only to use high-quality CBD products: 

1. They Came From Organic Sources

One of the main reasons why you should buy high-quality products is they came from organically grown hemp plants. As the description of organic goes, those organically grown plants don’t use pesticides. What’s even better is that natural CBD oil products are tested for specific standards. 

Which can make them USDA certified, if those products are certified it means that it went through thorough checks to make sure that it’s high-quality and organically grown. When you choose organic CBD products, you avoid harmful toxins and ingesting pesticides that might have been used to the hemp plants. 

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2. Full Spectrum Benefits

Good quality CBD products which are in full spectrum are typically high in CBD and have very low THC, less than 0.3% which is the legal dosage; this dosage doesn’t make you high. This overall composition is considered as full-spectrum because it contains cannabinoids that are naturally present in a cannabis plant (CBD and THC). 

Entourage effect is the other term for full spectrum, it refers to the increased effectiveness of the products because CBD and THC are working together. Full-spectrum products are considered more effective than CBD isolate products since isolates don’t contain THC and won’t have that entourage effect. Full-spectrum CBD products are well known for its great health benefits and how it treats symptoms of other illnesses.

3. Credibility

Checking the authenticity of CBD products can be tiresome. Especially if it’s your first time trying it. Always make sure that you’re buying authentic CBD products from trustworthy stores. You can also ask people you know who already have used CBD products for suggestions about where to buy high-quality ones. Upon choosing which store you’ll buy it from you can check these aspects to know if what you’re about to buy is a high-quality one:

  • Well-Established Brand: You can find many sellers of CBD products online, but you should thoroughly research which brands are well-established. 
  • Ratings: When you visit their site or pages, these CBD products sellers receive different feedbacks and ratings from customers who already tried their CBD products. If they have good amount ratings from various individuals as well as articles about their products, then it can be guaranteed that it’s top quality.
  • Certifications: Most importantly, they should have tested their products for quality control. These lab results confirm whether the product contains the appropriate amount of CBD THC stated in the products label.

4. Best Extraction Method

Lastly, a high-quality product means it is produced by the best method. On the other hand, cheaper extraction methods affect the quality of any products. That’s why when buying a CBD product, you must also know what extraction method is used. The following will determine the quality of the CBD product and why choose such:

  • CO2 Extraction: It is considered the best way to extract CBD in its purest form. It’s even becoming an industry-standard because of its purity and effectiveness and it doesn’t use dangerous solvents. But it utilizes pressure, proper temperature, and CO2. As with the equipment, they use specialized ones to make a supercritical cold liquid from the CO2 conversion. It extracts the useful compounds needed. Hence, they can produce high-quality CBD products in its purest form.
  • Ethanol Solvent Extraction: Another way to extract CBD is by using alcohol, butane, propane, isopropyl or ethanol. It separates and extracts the CBD from hemp; it is the easiest, fast, and least expensive way. However, since solvents are highly flammable, this method is deemed as the most dangerous way of extracting CBD from hemp.

There are pros and cons with how CBD is extracted from hemp but it is evident that the most beneficial one is the CO2 extraction. It consistently produces high-quality CBD and it doesn’t leave any toxic residue. Therefore, CO2 extraction is by far the safest and best method of extraction.


There you have it! With high-quality CBD products, you’ll be assured that it will be effective. Make sure to use organically produced CBD products, since it won’t contain harmful pesticides and other toxins that can be harmful to your health. The cannabinoids contained in high-quality CBD products will work together for a better and faster result. So instead of wasting your money with cheap CBD products opt for a high-quality CBD product to experience its health benefits and to get your money’s worth. 

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