Our First Night – Letter From A To-Be-Bride To Her Husband!

My Love,

In few days, we will be seeing each other at the wedding ceremony, dressed like never before, two very special people. Guests gathered would be keen to get a glance of the bride and the groom, WE! I am so excited to meet my new family, new friends, new lifestyle, you and New Me but there are so many things I would like to share with you, My future Husband!

Having accepted the marriage arranged by our family, we didn’t open up much to each other. Given a little time between our Engagement and Wedding, I write to you of all my fears, hope and love. Marriage is just not living together, it comes with the parcel of happiness, responsibilities, compromises, adjustments, problems and understandings. The foremost thing is to love each other. We can get familiar to every principle that marriage holds for us, principles from our family members included. But there is one thing we have to understand and learn mutually. It’s about SEX!

Being one of the shyest member in close groups of mine, I am not much aware of the purest thing of marriage called sex. Having a very basic knowledge, if I someday fail to understand the importance, I would look forward to you to assist me go through it. I am a big fan of Bollywood Movies and my romantic thoughts are limited to the dreamy love stories in the movies. I would make sure I do not disappoint you by acting impassive but at the same time expect you to understand, smile at my silliness or laugh out louder on my stupidest questions. Trust me I will laugh even louder!

It’s like I know what sex intimacy is, but it’s you, the person I love the most and I feel everything I know has just evaporated, All I know is the satisfaction of you being with me. To this level, your love paralyses me!

As the time flies, we get to learn things from each other. We laugh, cry, enjoy and make love seeking each other’s willingness but I fear the time when you may give importance to sex more than our mental bond with each other. Please I request you not to sleep turning your back to me when you are done, I will still need you to pamper me. In a new family with all responsibilities, I sometimes might forget to convey my feelings the way you desire, but be assured I would always love you. If I am being too irrational, explain me as if I am your teenage friend. Still if I fail to understand, just hug me tight, kiss me and tell that you love me anyway, I would love this till the world cease to exist. I hope you understand my agitation in terms of sex, and will turn out to be a hero spinning all my fears into Love and Erotic Passion.

I am looking forward for the beautiful day when we accept each other as Husband and Wife, united together FOREVER, Body and Soul. Hope we will look beyond each others’ faults which I am sure are many and be the best couple around. Let’s make people Jealous!


Your Fiancee

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