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Pampering Your Skin With The Right Soap!!

The journey of Mr. Kiran Kumar Shah from being a simple studious man to being the owner and the chief scientist of Neo Toil-S industries is truly inspiring. He started his journey in 1981 under the guidance of his ancestors who were into the business of soap making since 1938. His interest, dedication, honesty, confidence & tremendous hard work helped him break all the barriers and reach the height he dreamt of.

His accomplishments:

  • Won a medal & prize in Oil & Soap technology from V.J.T.I, Mumbai
  • 45 years + experience in formulating and developing soap
  • Huge knowledge in therapeutic  efficacy of herb helps in designing and developing custom made soaps.

Cleanse & nourish – Basics of a healthy & radiant skin

Every morning just pouring a bucket of water refreshes our body. Refreshment doubles with mild and pleasant perfume soaps. A soap with good perfume, texture & look may refresh your mind and body but not the skin. Sweat, grime and excess oil are the biggest enemy of our skin. It leads to pimple, black spot, white head, black head and many more skin related issues.

Cleansing is the main property of soap but it would be an additional feature if it also nourishes your skin while having exfoliating property that can regenerate & rejuvenate the skin cell. Thus, helping you enjoy a complete bath! So, select the soap according to your skin type.

Dry skin: The one with dry skin should use a soap having moisturizing effect with mild cleansers. The soap containing Aloevera extract, glycerine, shea butter & kokum butter would nourish the skin. It moisturizes & reduces the dryness of the skin. Mild cleanser would remove the dirt and would help to balance the oil of the skin.

Oily skin: Use soap containing tulsi, neem, ethyl lactate, olive extract, aloe extract etc.. These kinds of ingredients help in reducing oil production as well as have antimicrobial and antifungal property that prevents pimple formation. Avoid using moisturizing soap.

Suffering from Pimple, black spot, white head, black head?

It may be due to exposure to pollution, oily skin, usage of chemical products (cream, lotion, powder), stress, age, junk food or hormonal imbalance. The first step is to keep the skin clean. Tea tree oil, manuka extract, willow extract, aloe extract, olive extract etc. keeps the skin pimple free & clean. The soap enriched with antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal herbs extract reduces and treats white & black head, spot & pimple.

Avoid using soaps containing SLS, paraffin, silicon, PEG, phthalate, polycyclic musk, DEA, halogen compounds or formaldehyde as these contents majorly closes the pores and degenerate the skin. Your skin loves breathing allow it to breathe by opening the pores.

One of the best moisturizing soap is Sensidew with 70 plus hrs moisturizing effect. Sensidew soap naturally, opens the pore and trap oxygen & moisture from the atmosphere. Sensidew variants are also available for different kind of skin type.

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