Papaya – A Blessing For Your Health, Skin And Hair!!

Got a Stomach problem? Eat a Papaya everyday! Isn’t this the first thing you hear from almost everybody around you? Papaya, known for its high nutrition values and health benefits is one of the most loved fruits of a lot of people. But, apart from eating it just for your bowel problems, the fruit is renowned for its other many medicinal and beauty properties including your hair, skin and overall health. So, here are is what Papaya has to offer for you.

Health Benefits


  • Great for Heart: Vitamins A and C help prevent the oxidizing of Cholesterol which clogs the blood vessels, reducing the risk of Heart Attacks.
  • Fights Dengue: The leaves is that they are helpful in curing ‘Dengue.
  • Protects Vision: The fruit prevents muscular Degeneration thus, protecting your vision as you age.
  • Boosts Immunity: The Antioxidants in Papaya combine with the free radicals and thus strengthening your immunity.
  • Heals Wounds: Apply crushed papaya seeds to your open wounds and you can see yourself heal faster.
  • Helps in Digestion: The fruit helps in a lot of stomach ailments, such as ulcers, acid reflux and other digestive problems.
  • Fights Cancer: Rich in Flavanoids, the papaya seeds have Chemotherapeutic effect on your body.

Skin Benefits

papaya for skin

Papaya has great skin benefits. It moisturizes, clears skin pigmentation and also aids in reducing wrinkles from your skin. Apart from the basic, it also has a number of health benefits such as:

  • Brightens skin: It helps in giving the skin a bright and healthful feel.
  • Exfoliates: The fruit’s rich ‘Vitamin A’ and white sticky milk (papain) help to remove ‘dead skin and other unwanted proteins’. Thus exfoliates the skin naturally.
  • Moisturizes: Having very less ‘Sodium’ content, it retains least water. This keeps the skin moist. It works as a moisturizer.
  • Fights Blemishes: Applying a fine papaya ‘paste’ on the face for  half an hour, then washing it off keeps the face smooth and blemish free. The same treatment can be done using papaya fluid.

Apply the fluid with blobs of cotton on the affected areas for quarter of an hour and wash the face with cold water. The clean bright skin texture is due the skin refreshing property of papaya.

  • Softens Skin: Directly applying mashed papaya and consuming few chunks of the fruit will keep the skin silky, graceful and delicate.
  • Makes Skin Glow: Regularly eating or applying papaya on the skin gives the skin a natural sheen that lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Heals Cracks: Papaya pulp treats painful heel cracks.
  • Skin Whitener: Papaya peel is useful as a skin whitener for ‘face’ as well as ‘legs’.
  • Fights Wrinkles: Papaya is known to reduce facial lines (aging signs). This is due to ‘AHA’ (Alfa Hydroxy Acid). Be careful with the time duration on the face, as its acid contents may irritate the delicate facial texture.
  • Tightens Skin: Can be used to tighten the skin. Apply a mixture of the fruit pulp, honey and rice flour on the face for twenty minutes and wash. One may repeat this procedure thrice weekly.

Hair Benefits

papaya for hair

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  • Enhances hair Growth: Hair experts say that consuming papaya regularly or its repeated application on the tresses helps in maximizing the thickness of the hair tuft.
  • Fights Dandruff: For making the hair dandruff free, use a fine paste of half papaya along with the seeds. The reason of dandruff cleaning is because fungus fighting quality present in the fruit.
  • Enhances New Hair Growth: Folic acid in the fruit enhances blood circulation in the hair follicles thus enhancing hair growth.
  • Conditions your Hair: The abundance of ‘Vitamins, minerals and enzymes’ in papaya helps to remove the oily feel, grime and other chemicals settling on the hair safely and naturally.
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