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Your Passionate Little Love Bites Can Be Dangerous, Know How!

Aha, The passionate love you made that night is not leaving your thoughts alone for at least it’s more than ten days now! You even forget at times when you are too occupied with things at work, but hello… shouts your love bites aka The Hickey’s that your partner had proved himself of being unbelievably hot and passionate! These tiny dark reddish – brown patches on your body parts, reminds you of that amazing pleasure you’d had and the moment you see them, blushes is what everyone else see on your face!

While engaged into these passionate moves, foreplay and excitements, couples tend to do normal things, which actually aren’t normal and you have a very little knowledge about the same! Yes, those bites that are the result of sheer combination of love and lust are not good for your health!

What are Hickey’s?

When too much pressure or pull strikes your skin, the layer of skin, immediately beneath the surface breaks, which contains a lot of tiny blood vessels. At that spot, the skin becomes swollen but no blood comes out. This spot which turns to Brown and then yellow from that good looking pinkies are called Hickey’s. 

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Alert Hickey lovers, here’s something you would like to consider:

1.Your Love – Bite Can Be Your Iron Deficiency!

With each of your sex session, when you see love bites or similar patches, where minimum pressure was applied and still you have bruises all over the body.. Go alert! That’s the sign of iron deficiency! Eat food like green leafy vegetables, red meat to increase iron in your body.

2. Can Turn Into Dangerous Blood Clot!

These tiny bites near neck, if are deep in nature not only damages your blood vessels but can harm your central nervous system or respiratory system. We have recorded a death on account of a love bite in 2011, a woman in New Zealand died of a heart attack because of a deep Hickey which had tuned the blood vessels into a blood clot.

3. Hickey’s Come With Your Own Risk, NO Cures!

Yes, that’s correct! You might rub these little ones with hot towel or ice cubes but something which is an internal bruise, the broken capillaries will never be framed again! All that you can do is, disappear that red patch soon or get relief from the swollen area by trying things mentioned above. 

4. It Can Lead To Paralysis And Retarded Movement!

They are sex injuries, though so normal and small that we do not consider them one, but they have the potential to damage your nervous system and brain. Those blood vessels once broken leads to an internal bleeding, some are too deep and that can cause the damage to the nerves which are very important for the system to work.

5.Oral Herpes Alert!

Not just these, Love bites can cause oral herpes, yes we have heard of genital herpes but its oral herpes where one develops small boils inside the mouth which turn into cold sores and reddish tinge around your lips and mouth area. Moreover, sex with an oral herpes patient will land into the same land so be careful.

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Damaging skin tissues, leaving a permanent damage is not romantic at all, we understand this is something very surprising for many women around, just like how I went ‘Hawwww’!! But now that we know ladies, how these tiny red cuties harm us, let’s tell our  man to find another way to show their passion or should I say to arouse?

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