Are You A Perfect Wife? Men’s Expectations Of A Good Wife, Revealed!

Women have a list of should and shouldn’t be for a perfect man, or I should say we have often read open letters to future husband or first night letter to the husband and so many expectations from the husbands without even thinking what do they want from us! Made a little sense here, Obviously if we being women have few likes and dislikes in them, even they do. As we believe in Feminism (Equality to both Men and Women) and not Feminazis (Women, first priority), don’t you think we should consider what a man would see in a perfect wife?

Yes we should! Though the Indian society is filled with ideal ladies (Marriage ideals) but we cannot generalize this statement here, as not all fingers are equal and so not every women out there. Men seem stronger from their appearance, but they do have feelings and are emotional at the same time. At times when they are financially broken or have some business setback or is fired from office, ladies just say “I have your back” and see how he fights against all odds and he may at times will not even update you with the worst conditions faced. Marriage is to live what he lives, and he lives what you live and thus adjusting to every situation that arrives is what he expects.

I have often noted this in men, they are not so chapad chapad as women are! They do not share their heart out as we do so easily, but if he does that to  you, then he considers you the right woman for his life. If he speaks his fear, his fantasies, big dreams and have also shared his foolish failures to you, he has built that trust for you and that’s the platform for any healthy relationship. He wants to tell any hell out of the crap to his wife and she should be like, ‘Wow seriously?’!!

Trust me there are men who believe women should be independent and do what they love. He loves to be with you and would do anything to live with you forever, but he would also admire if you plan your own trip with your friends and go for a week. Marriage does not take that right from you ladies, does it? But when you have this independence, you are ought to give them the same space, such is the real man’s demand from a wife. Give freedom to each other keeping the layer of trust intact with love at its place.

He would adore a wife, who wouldn’t make faces when he is igniting the steam before sex with “Jao Ji, Abhi nahi’  “Aap bhi na please leave” etc. We all know even women want it as bad as they do but the problem is “Humain thoda bhav khane me maza aata hai”, Come On ladies be whatever you are, if you are kinky show him some kinkiness or just ask him a simple vanilla sex.. Your openness to him is what he would love.

Men are aware that you leave your family and begin a new life with him and his family, he would like to be with a woman who expects him to respect and love her family and at the same time, who would consider his parents as her mother and father and not in-laws! It makes hell lot of a good difference. Moreover, be the Wife-friend than being just a wife! Take his appreciation for other woman’s beauty as a normal one. He would love a woman who is ready to accept the truth, appreciates other’s beauty and not jealous, who is ready to hear everything he says, just like a best friend does!

With someone who cooks him an amazing cuisines and lovingly expects him to give a hand is what he loves, with someone whom he can raise his kids and live the life of ups and downs without those lines on the forehead. See, there’s nothing much a man needs in a perfect wife, isn’t this something similar to what we women expect in a husband? Let’s give mutual benefits to each other of being a perfect or at least a good husband and wife respectively! 

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