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What Does Your Period Speak About Your Health?

Periods are a biological function, which is as normal as poop and pee but talking about the same is not yet normal in many parts of the world. A part of the reason to avoid talking about periods, we understand is sickness, bloating and pain it lands us in but have we ever noticed that not talking or not paying much attention to the five days flow, we are missing an important and potential problem?

Your period speaks a lot about your health and we need to keep a check on it. While we get shy, throw away the used pads and tampons without even having that one look on it, many issues go unnoticed.

Here are the things you should know about the period flow and how it is related to your health:

  1. The Period Flow

The light bleeding: If you have a continuous light bleeding, problems like  hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, stress thyroid and pituitary gland may have occurred. If the light bleeding is your every month show, then Mullerian anomaly (a disorder causing a malformed hymen impeding with the flow of the menstrual blood), Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and autoimmune disorders can be alarming one’s.

If you are on birth control pills, having light period is very normal.

The Heavy bleeding: Heavy bleeding for five days can cause anemia. It can also be fertility-threatening fibroids, growths on the uterine wall; polyps, tumors in the cervix or uterus; or endometriosis. Such problems are more seen in 35+ women.

  1. Bleeding Post Your Period

For a woman who is on birth control pills, bleeding after the period is normal but the same is not safe for others. Bleeding without any pain after the period is over, can be a sign of vaginal infection, cervical and uterine polyps or hormonal imbalance. Consult a doctor if the bleeding remains for at least one day.


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  1. The Painful Period

The normal pain of 1-2 hours is not considered as an issue but an intense pain for day or two can be one. A hormone called prostaglandin is responsible for the period pain. Continuous lower abdomen cramps can lead to endometriosis, a health problem where in an uterine tissue starts to grow outside the uterus and when the tissue begins to shed, the blood has no place to go which results into pain and inflammation.

  1. The Period Color

Next time when you are ready to wrap your used protection, wait! Wait and see what color your period discharge is, as it reveals a lot of your health conditions. There are three types of color patterns a woman usually go through:

  1. Colour of A Frozen mashed blueberries: Higher estrogen levels, Mostly seen in heavier cycles.
  2. Colour of A Strawberry jam: Lower Estrogen levels, May lead to Vaginal dryness, low libido, hair loss and fatigue.
  3. Colour of A Cranberry Juice: Normal periods, And ‘normal’ periods are more likely to go PMSing
  1. The Period Frequency

The most important aspect of all, the frequency of your period. If you are welcoming the period regularly, it’s well and good but skipping the same for more than a month without having the signs of pregnancy might be an issue. At times it may be due to hormonal change or an imbalance stress level;however anything that exceeds is a problem and hence consulting a doctor is advisable.

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