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Pocket-Friendly Diwali Decoration Ideas!

Diwali dhamaka! Sales and flat discounts! But do you really get discounts on the decorative items that are a must for decorating your homes? Well, the in fact, when the prices of clothes and accessories go down… the rates of simple decorated diyas, candles, and other decorative items used for adding a sparkling look to your home goes up higher up in the sky, than what one can actually imagine. So, if you are not burning a hole in your pocket by simply shopping clothes and home accessories, you might surely be burning one while buying exclusive Diwali decoration items.

Tips tips tips! Don’t worry we have the right options for you. Here are simple, smart, decorative, elegant and stylish diwali decoration ideas that you can follow and still keep your pockets safe. Cost effective and also creative in its designs, try out these ideas and you will surely see your abode look glorious in the vivid colors and bright lights.

Streamers and Confetti

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If you think streamers and confetti are only for birthday purposes, you are absolutely wrong. These colorful decors are ideal for all happy occasions, including Diwali.

Wall Hangings

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Buy beautiful and colorful wall hangings from the street shops or some local handicraft store. Use it to brighten the open space of the walls in your living room or near the stair case. They will not just add a traditional look, but also give your home a warm feeling.

Paper Lampshades

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Go street shopping and look for those beautiful kandils or the paper lamp shades. They look classy, traditional and also are eco-friendly for the environment. And above all, they are cheap and absolutely pocket-friendly.

Decorated Thali

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A Decorated thali for offering Prasad to Goddess lakshmi is a must. You can easily buy a simple decorated thali from one of the stores and keep it in the puja room of your house.


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Diwali decoration is incomplete without a Rangoli. So, buy bright colors and check out the various designs that can add magic to your home décor. Make small rangolis near the entrance of your home and in your puja room. You can make them using flower petals or rangoli colors. Making rangoli using rice powder is also a good option. Add a few diyas around your rangoli to give it a brighter look.

Handicraft Clay Items


Clay handicraft items are a smart choice to decorate your home, especially the living room which will be visited by your friends and family. Buy a few clay items such as decorated vases, toys, etc. and place them on the center table of your living room.

Lord Idols

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When buying decorating items for diwali, make sure you also buy a small, idol of Ganesh or Goddess Lakshmi for your living room. Keep it surrounded by diyas and flowers to add a holistic look.



Choose colorful diyas over electrical lamps. And in case you like decorating and coloring things, go for the simple diyas which can be painted and decorated at home in your own way.


Floating candles on diwaliSource

Along with diyas, also choose a few floating candles for the center-piece of your table. Fill a pot with a little water, add rose petals or marigold petals in it and place a few floating candles for a perfect look.

Special Diwali Lamps

Kandil for diwaliSource

When you go to the market to shop, buy at least one Diwali special lamp for the outdoors. This will actually set the mood for the festival.

Try these decorative ideas, Click beautiful pictures of your home and make sure you tell us how the entire experience was… So, happy Diwali… and Happy shopping!

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