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Pregnancy – A Sweet Bitter Experience!

Thanks to our friend’s, sister-in-laws, sisters and reality TV star like Kim Kardashian who disclosed the other side of beautiful pregnancy which we believed was a walk in heaven (skip the labour pain). No doubt, It is the most awaited and cherished tenure for a woman but it also has its horrible phase. Well, I do not wish to scare the hell out of you but as a woman, one day you will have to go through the ‘bun in the oven’ phase, why should you just read and hear the aww moments? You should also know what changes our sweet pregnancy has piled up for us.

Not to forget, It is indeed the most beautiful experience for women. It is because of this capacity to bear all pain and horrifying changes, We are Super Women! I wouldn’t mention the goodies of being pregnant, as we all know but definitely the other side of it. Ok, Here we are:

Pregnancy - Food Smell

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Your First Love – Food Becomes Weird

Many to-be mumma’s experience decrease in their appetite, while certain food causes them to rush into washrooms like all the time. The food you loved the most is now what you hate. First its Onion, then Chicken and God, then it’s your favorite potatoes.

Bowel system in Pregnancy - 2

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The Baffled Bowel

You will always be advised why you should not eat certain foods as they may cause constipation or Hemorrhoids and why you should keep on drinking water link a tanker. It’s no joke.

Sleeping during Pregnancy - 3

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The Battle Of Sleep

Forget how you slept before your baby bump, all you need to do right now is sleep on your sides. Every morning you wake and desperately crave to roll on bed with your tummy beneath.

Pregnant woman with swollen feet and leg pain.

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The Fat Feet Saga

With you growing inches from every side of your body, your feet remain no behind in the race. Though steadily you will not be able to see your feet due to growing tummy, but you feel so ‘Eww’ looking at your own feet otherwise. Yes, your favorite shoes are not your size anymore.

The pregnancy ache - 5

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The Ache Story

Story of my life, says every heavily pregnant woman. As your bun is popping out, it is sensible that your back support is no support anymore. Exercise plays a better part but not the best until the baby is out. It’s not just the backache but every part of your body.

hormones in pregnancy - 6

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The Dance Of Hormones

Losing your balance in anything you say and do is not your fault but your hormones certainly. Getting emotional for tiny talks and going mad for every other things is very common. Not letting others know how you run various directions, just sweep in the bathroom and roll those tears.

No sex in pregnancy - 7

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The Sex Stop

Pregnancy makes you crave… literally crave for sex! While, on the other hand, your partner tries to be extra careful with you and avoids sex most of the times. Trust me, your hormones will make you lose your mind, with want!

The labour pain - 8

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The Painful Miracle

The baby which you are about to give birth is definitely a wonderful one but the process is… wait a moment, think what happens before the baby is out. Though the moment you see your baby in your arms, you will forget all your pain.

I have not even mentioned how you have to skip wearing your favourite pair of clothes, will not be able to shave your legs and that private part of yours. You will have stretch marks all over your body, including your breasts, hips, tummy and legs. You increase your weight, your breasts, stomach are not the same anymore and what not. Bearing all the pain & the above mentioned happenings, the most happiest moment for a woman is seeing her child for the first time and all your pain is gone.

So ladies, the sweet experiences wins the pregnancy race.. All the best and Happy Pregnancy!

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