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Pregnancy & Skin Treatments: Choose The Best Ones!

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in women’s life. It’s one chapter that every woman likes to cherish & go through, as it completes the feeling of womanhood in one’s life. During this phase, one goes through the turmoil of emotional & physical changes in the body. At one side there’s a feeling of elation & excitement, on the other hand one goes through an array of physiological changes inside the body. Contributing to these changes one goes through lot many skin conditions like Pigmentation, hyper melanin secretion, dryness in skin, excessive sebum production in few cases etc. To combat these changes one must follow a good skin care regime. Eat healthy & follow a good skin care routine.

As far as the skin treatments are concerned one can seek the advice of reputed cosmetologist. There are many ways with which one treat these conditions. There are chemical peels available which are plant based & have natural agents which are safe & rejuvenating for the skin. AHA & glycolic peels are very safe for skin despite in pregnancy as well. Also there are other options of homemade peels to take care of skin.

Follow these few tips to have a flawless skin during pregnancy:

  1. Avoid Direct Sun. During pregnancy, a woman undergoes lot of hormonal changes which leads to skin discoloration and making skin more dark and with pigmentation. Try and stay indoors or wear a hat whenever going out.
  2. Always use Sun protect gel or sun screen lotion. The SPF 30 refers to UVB sunlight while the ++ refers to UVA sunlight. It is important to protect the skin from both these types of sunlight with broad-spectrum sun protection. It takes about 30 minutes for the sun block to take effect so it’s best to apply it in the morning before the sun becomes harsh. Also remember to re-apply every 3-4 hours afterwards so that its effect doesn’t wear off.
  3. To take care of skin in pregnancy one must follow a skin care regime of CTM.
  4. One must opt for all organic range of treatments like fruit enzymes, fruit peels, fruit juice etc. One must opt for things which are safe & organic during this phase.
  5. One can use raw milk as a cleanser for skin, cucumber juice in mud pack for skin tightening. Rose water & tomato juice are very good toners for the skin.
  6. Depending on the skin type potato juice can be used for skin lightening & brightening as it can act as a substitute to bleach & bleaching agents.
  7. Papaya & gelatin peel is a very good peel for skin to remove dead skin & dry skin layers. Papaya has an enzyme called papain which is excellent for skin brightening & to tighten up the loose skin. There are plant based peels with which there are no side effects or repercussions on the skin.
  8. One must stay away from the chemicals & processed products in this phase to prevent any reactions & changes in the skin.
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