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Prem Pujaris – Sweet Love Sins Of High School!

We all have passed through this phase, a beautiful phase of our childhood enclosed in our high schools. Who would forget school days, the golden period of our life and of course all the nautankis that we did. Although, now they have turned into memories that can never wither. The First Love or should I call Infatuation, Sending letters and roses, smiling and dreaming about her / him, trying every way possible just to speak to your crush, etc. I am sure everyone out there, at least once in their lifetime has done something to remember for life, haven’t you?

If not, not to worry, we believe you were one of those studious and geeky person but hey you get to laugh and smile a lot going back to the flashback while you read this sweet love sins:

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  1. Haha, Will You Colour Your Love Letter Now?

Those love letters written innocently and highlighted with crayons and colourful pens.

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  1.  Do This To A Stranger In College!

That continuous stare you exchanged, damn without any fear.

School Masti - Daredevils

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  1. The Daredevils!

The chocolate that was passed through many danger benches, whose occupants would have loved to complain teenage love story

School Masti - 4

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  1. Look like A Joker!

Remember when you were someone’s crush, all they did was keep smiling at you?

School Masti - 5

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  1. Many A Times!

Oh, this happened! I had to facilitate a school bus option to stop him following me regularly! And I tell you my house was not even a km!

 School Masti - 6

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  1. Because Your Book Is Mine!

Did you ever had ‘A – Boys’ & ‘B – Girls’ section and you had to exchange notebooks to copy the Q&A? And there was a guy who always stood stubborn – “I will only write from your notebook.”


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  1. I Am!

I have been the mediator for many crazy infatuations of prem pujaris. You know kind of a school love Guru? Have you been?

 Two girls talking about a boy in class

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  1. I Still Do…Sometimes!

And those FLAMES, xyz LOVES xyz %? Wow, that was always a fun.

Waiting for them to accompany you to home, giving dead calls on telephones were just amazingly beautiful, though not all turn out to be fun and some freaked us like hell yeah! The above were some of what I had experienced in school.. What about your’s? Share us some here.

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