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Pride of Bangalore – Veena Chindlur And Her Fight Against Eve-teasing

“I Am Strong… I am Invincible… I am Woman!!!” Remember this song, from the daily series, Sex and The City, featuring 4 independent strong women? The song, describes the strength of a woman, how she perfectly fights back and overcomes all her hurdles. Well, the song became more real recently in Bangalore, when a woman chased her eve-teaser from the jogging park to the road, made him kneel to the ground in front of her and kicked him on the neck, to teach a lesson.

Sounds very Bollywood like don’t it? Well, it is a reality that was experienced recently. Veena Chindlur from Bangalore took revenge on her teaser by chasing him and kicking him on the road, later reporting a case in a nearby police station.

Chindlur was jogging in the morning when the man, identified as K.R. Suryaprakash, a 30 year old man, started making lewd gestures at Chindlur. Instead of avoiding the cheap gestures, Chindlur ran after him and caught him on the road. She made him kneel down and kicked on his neck. But before she could take him to the police, the guy ran away.

The entire episode was captured in the mobile of Chindlur’s friend and handed over the clipping to the police.

Eve-teasing is crime and no less than sexual harassments or molestations. Men should be taught a lesson for behaving such lewdly against women. Chindlur’s action is a great way of provoking women across the country, to raise their voice and fight against such attacks.

WomenPlanet, salutes Veena Chindlur for showing such courage and guiding millions of other women in the country to fight against eve-teasing.

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