Pride Awards Procedure

The Women Planet's Pride Awards recognizes and facilitates women from all walks of life who have contributed and excelled in different dimensions of life. Help us Recognize and Honour women who have contributed to the society and the country in any small or large way possible.

Once you are ready to Enter the Contest/ Nominate, please follow the given directions here to understand the Pride Awards Procedure.

1. Nomination

- Fill the Nomination Form with the desired details. For a successful nomination, ensure the details provided is correct.

- Once your nomination has been accepted, our Jury members will analyse your profile, your work and contribution before short listing you in our top 100 finalists.

Nomination Period:9th June till 31st August

2. Selection By Jury Members

The Jury Members chosen for the Planet's Pride Awards are mentors who have excelled in their fields. Coming from different backgrounds, our jury panel is well balanced and aptly capable to choose only the best Nominations.

Jury's Decision: 31st August to 15th November

3. Winner Shortlist

Top 100 Female Finalists will be chosen by our respected Jury members based on their excellence and contribution to the society. The names of the shortlisted winners will be announced via a web link .

4. Planet's Pride Awards Winners

Out of the 100 finalists, only the Top 25 nominations will be declared as winners of the Planet's Pride Awards. The winners will be judged by our honourable jury members based on their profiles.

Final Winner Announcement: 15th November

Planet's Pride Prize

Respect, Recognition and Motivation to move ahead!

Get recognition in the society, let people know about your work and get pumped up with more energy to achieve higher goals! The Planet's Pride Awards are exclusively planned to cheer women for their services and excellence!

Prizes and Rewards

A Live and on-ground event will be held to award all Planet’s Pride Winners, after the winners are announced on 15th November. The date for the event will be announced on the website.

- Top 25 Winners will be awarded with Planet's Pride Momento/ Certificate

- The Top 10 Winners will be awarded with the Planet’s Pride Trophy

- All our winners will be featured in our online portal (Cover Story in WomenPlanet) and other associated websites

- Top 5 stories (elected by our Editorial team) will be covered by YourStory.

Note: Winner will be announced on 15th November 2018.