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The Pros of a Weighted Blanket!!

The concept of the weighted blanket comes from psychiatry’s practice. In no case does this mean that it should be used for people with psychological and mental problems only. It’s just a very smart innovation that can help in easing many problems every person is dealing with, in some time of their life.

As our society has become so-to-say hectic and our lifestyle takes its toll on us, we cannot ignore the great benefits this therapeutic tool provides. Moreover, it helps our overall health and well-being.

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The Pros of Using a Weighted Blanket

People have always believed that one cannot buy happiness. Well, here we are in the 21st century, talking about a simple product that can be bought with some amount of money and provide instant happiness. Yes, by buying a Baloo weighted blanket you’re buying yourself a daily dose of happiness.

The simple life hack of using a blanket that is heavier than a usual one, triggers chemical changes and reactions inside the body. Moreover, the additional weight stimulates the nervous system in a way that the glands start releasing the so-called happiness hormones.

Here they are:

  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin
  • Endorphins

When these hormones are released, it means that our body is in the rest and digest state. When we are happy we feel relaxed, content, calm. Moreover, in this point of rest and relaxation, the body also releases the melatonin (sleep hormone) and is able to easily fall in a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Let’s see what are all these changes and processes that the blanket can perform, beneficial for.

Easing Insomnia

What is universal for all humankind is the great satisfactory feeling of a hug. Moreover, this is exactly where the power of the weighted blanket comes, it can perform the soothing “hugging” sensation.

What has already been explained above is the science behind the power of the hug. All the changes that are triggered, are a result of the pressure the weight puts on the nerve endings inside the skin. Known as the deep touch pressure stimulation, it’s the trigger for the consecutive processes that lead to relaxation, calmness and finally to deep sleep.

Serotonin is the sleep-wake cycle regulator. Higher levels of the hormone in the bloodstream will re-establish the healthy sleep-wake cycle. As a precursor of melatonin it increases the melatonin levels, the hormone that puts the body to sleep, therefore, resulting in:

  •     easily falling into sleep
  •     long and uninterrupted sleep
  •     regular sleep-wake cycle
  •     fighting away all the symptoms linked to insomnia and sleeping problems

Easing the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

A very common reason for developing a psychological disorder is the absence or very low levels of previously mentioned happiness hormones in the bloodstream and brain. Therefore, with the regular use of the weighted blanket, the body re-establishes the hormonal balance. Moreover, the higher levels of the beneficial hormones help in easing the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks.

Anxiety and depression can be a result of many reasons or problems, however, the hormonal processes are strong chemical reactions will always result in a particular outcome. Even if the problem is persisting, the use of the blanket can help you calm, relax and ease your journey to healing.

Reduces Stress

Stress is a result of increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, that the body secrets when we are in danger. In this context, danger might be any stressful situation at work, home, financially, etc. When the stress persists the cortisol levels increase and the body is constantly alert, stressed and stuck under the fight or flight response.

In times like these, the body is unable to relax and calm down. What weighted blanket does for a distressed organism is an instant change in the nervous system. Moreover, the deep touch pressure stimulation has the ability to switch to rest and digest state of the body, in no time. Moreover, the secretion of cortisol stops no matter what thoughts might be worrying you, and starts the release of the opposite, the happiness hormones.

This helps the body to find the balance back. A prolonged state of stress means high levels of cortisol that may result in anxiety, sleep problems and physical maladies.

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