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Quick And Interesting Steps To Plan a Kitty Party

Ladies… Planning a kitty party? Find some help here to add a special charm to your kitty party and make it memorable, exciting and full of energy.

Organizing kitty parties is not always about food and games. The main idea of having a kitty party is to enjoy the time with your friends and make it full of fun.

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Choose an ideal theme for your kitty party which your friends can actually enjoy. Themes such as fashion, beauty and movies can be really interesting for your kitty party.

Step 2: Food

Planning the food for your kitty party is usually the biggest worries when planning a kitty party. In order to ensure you make the best meal, plan a proper 3 course meal including of some delicious mouth watering snacks, main course and some yummy dessert. Also try to choose the meal based on your theme. You can also decorate your meal to give it a special look and taste.

Step 3: Activities

List down a few games and other fun activities which are engaging and also interesting for your friends! You can play these games or dance to your favorite music or also watch some nice movie and then continue with your meals.

Step 4: Educative

Make sure your Kitty Party is not always about cards, food and gossip. Try adding some informative activities into them. For instance, you can give demo of fashion tips, cooking, styling, etc. you can also plan some social activities for your neighborhood.

Step 5: Understanding Host

Plan everything in advance so that you stay relaxed on the day of your Kitty Party. Be understanding to the needs of your guests and enjoy lively discussions with them. Play games, listen to music and enjoy the time you get with your friends.

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