Quinoa – Your Everyday Protein supplement!

The complete week for me starts at 5:30 o’clock in the morning and ends at around 12 am (not used to resting in the day or on any Sunday). 6:00 am to 8:00 am is the most crucial time of the day for me as I need to plan Nutritious meal for the whole day for myself as well as my son (when he is home from vacations). During these 2 hours, I have to prepare for Breakfast, Lunch, Mid time snacks and also Dinner so much to do, and so less time as I never know what time I shall come back during the evening and thus I have to be on my toes during these 2 hours.

I need to have small meals between the meals to keep myself energetic throughout the day. These small meals help me being active all day. But as soon as I come home, all my energy runs away somewhere. Because of my low energy levels in the evenings, I used to feel tired (mentally physically and emotionally). I never want to feel tired or postpone some work to next day and also want to religiously keep writing, but at times, I don’t have patience to deal with all this.

Finally, to end this emotional drama, I booked an appointment with myself solely. I checked everything and found it all perfect, although I was gaining weight that was not bothering me as much as my concern to boost my energy level during the evenings. Hence I spoke to my doctor and he suggested me a diet plan which mainly focused on increasing my stamina. He told weight loss will follow automatically. To my surprise, he didn’t give a normal diet plan with fixed timings to be followed. He just gave me a list of foods with many options (poha, upma, curd, vegetables, fruits, and dates) to be consumed when I feel hungry. Only thing he stressed on: I had to make sure that I eat a good quantity (ideally, one bowl) of Quinoa everyday. He gave me suggestion on the 4 fruits that I must avoid and they were Banana , Grapes , Mango and  Watermelon.


He also gave me his valuable suggestion on his rule of 5 :Avoid 5 white things:

  1. White Bread or brown bread
  2. Pasta or Noodles
  3. Rice or Rice products
  4. Biscuits and Rusks
  5. Cow or Buffalo Milk

Well that got me thinking and I started looking for more and more healthy options to eat and I started experimenting everything with Quinoa.

As a tribute to my hunt for Quinoa I discovered some daily recipes with Quinoa, I started making Quinoa Poha, Quinoa Cutlets , Quinoa Sandwiches and Quinoa Cookies . To my surprise being a vegetarian I get my perfect dose of protein daily without any fuss. Here’s why you should include Quinoa in your regular diet:

1. With all essential amino acids, Quinoa is packed with proteins.
2. Its completely Gluten Free
3. High percentage of Fiber value
4. Low Glycemic index, good for Blood Sugar Control
5. High  Magnesium and Iron
6. Improves Metabolic Rate
7.High level of anti-oxidants
8. Induces Weight Loss

Are you going to try Quinoa?

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