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Quirky & Sizzling Mohawks Of Rihanna

She has got an uncanny ability to experiment, whether it is her electrifying performance or her hot looks. She is a songstress who pulls off bobs and braids with effortless style. She is a fashion maverick who scores a point with her forest green lipstick to pink hair. She is the Pop Princess of Barbadian origin, Rihanna who has made everyone go crazy in a half-shaven and half-parted ‘Mohawk’ hairstyle.

Mohawk is a hair updo where hair is shaved off on both sides of the head leaving a long strip in the center of the scalp that runs from the forehead to the back of the head. By using hairstyle techniques, the hair is held up tall like the long ends of a comb. So what you get to see are hair tufts in the center of the head. It’s an iconic punk hair style whose popularity has gone up by the dozens thanks to Rihanna.

The Origin and the Spread of Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle is not the latest fashion fad in the history of hairstyles. It goes back to the 1970s and 1980s when the ‘punk’ movement had set in. Originally, it was the hair style of the warriors of Native American tribes who lived in the Mohawk Valley in the upstate New York. Thereafter, it became the rage of fashion rockers spreading down to the common man and the celebs.


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Mohawk Hairstyles of Rihanna

“It’s not my hair, but the girl who donated it, she’s the bomb,” the rocking lass Rihanna once said about her hairstyles that change almost every day.

The icon, the diva and the chart buster, the oval faced Rihanna has reinvented hair fashion as it should be – kissing, compelling and signature. She is the style statement amidst the paparazzi whose Mohawk hairstyles have been as gorgeous as her voice. Of all hairstyles that she has worn, it is the Mohawk that has put her in a breed as exclusive as her. Let us check out some of them.

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Dark Brunette Mohawk

The oh-so-pretty Rihanna has her fire engine hair in place. Whether it is her long bob and full-fat fringe look, braids, pixie crop, curly hairstyle, throwback hair, long mermaid waves, asymmetric looks or her trademark Mohawk Hairstyles for Women, this starlet has given an I-Care-a-Damn attitude while experimenting with her locks. A path-breaker in her chosen field, she has the guts to sport a shaved patch by her left ear. In short, this lady with aplomb is all about inspirational hairstyle that looks gorgeous and retro-fabulous.

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Curly Mohawk

In this curly ruffled Mohawk style sported by Rihanna, flair and substance come naturally. It’s a versatile pattern that looks well-laid on the scalp giving it a fluffy coverage of sorts that’s neatly contoured.

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Puffed up Mohawk

Puff it up with this Rihanna-adorned upturned locks of hair that give unimaginable volume to her tresses. It also makes the forehead look broader thereby accentuating the jaw line and cheeks.

rihanna 5

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Braided Mohawk

Best Mohawk for naturally curly or rough-textured hairs, the braided mohawk is a better alternative to the shaved or pulled back ones that have with side braids. In this braided Mohawk hairstyles, there is plenty of volume that can be seen at the top.

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Colored Mohawk

If you thought Rihanna’s Mohawk is all about shades of black and brown, think again. This non-stop fashion achiever jumps the gun with copper red streaks that make her say ooh-la-la with abundant ease!

rihanna 7

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Long Mohawk

Call her a sensuous diva or a cheeky boho, whoever can overlook her long Mohawk long tresses. Absolutely perfect for cocktails and award nights, there is no stopping Rihanna putting her dynamite mane and her pout to a round of applause.

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One thing is for sure. One can never have a fill of Rihanna given the variety of Mohawk hairstyles for women that she has worn and inspired. A young tomboy legend she is who has inspired fashionistas with her signature Mohawks. With her plans of opening a fashion label of her own, Rihanna and her Mohawks are here to stay.

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