Raped, Pregnant And A Mother At 11. Why Can’t She Choose Abortion?

It is unavoidable for our expressions to hide that smile and happiness after we hear a pregnancy news but in this case I was shocked. No, not that the pregnant person is unmarried, but because she is a kid, a 11 year girl.

Ironically we need to call her a woman now, as she has delivered a healthy baby few days back in Paraguay. The issue I am trying to point out is not the age that she should be playing and enjoying but it is the reason behind her pregnancy! This 11 year old was raped by her Step-father, who gave her this lifetime responsibility. She was forced to carry on the pregnancy to follow the abortion rule set by the Paraguayan country and its government. The country allows a woman to abort the child only if the life of the mother is in danger.

Of course her life was in danger! What is she? Just 11? Despite plea from family members and Amnesty International, the courts refused to hear a thing and enforced the girl through miseries.

First – She was Raped

Second – It was none other than her Stepfather who raped her

Third – She is just 11 and Pregnant

Fourth – She was not allowed an abortion and is now a mother

Fifth – She is just Eleven!! What can a court expect her to do? Enjoy and cherish the childhood she is in? Or take care of a child and deal with the motherhood and struggle at a raw age?

Abortion Laws

International status of abortion law, United Nations 2013 report.




Why it is A Woman’s Right to Choose Abortion?

When a woman conceives, the baby grows in her body, changing her not just from her soul, mind and body, but her entire life. She keeps the foetus in her womb, nourishes it and gives birth suffering through the pain which cannot be shared or decreased in any form. After the baby is born, it is the duty of the New mother to take care of the baby for LIFE. So, if everything has to be done by the mother, Why can’t it be the choice of the Woman whether or not she wants to bring the baby into the World or not?

  • The very basic right is, a woman has every right to decide what to do with her body, provided it should be in welfare terms.
  • Banning abortion enforces a women to utilize dangerous methods and illegal abortionists that can put her life in risk.
  • It is women’s right to decide if her body is ready to carry another human in herself at that point of time, if not then she must be allowed to abort at early stages
  • If the financial matters are not supportive in a family, she has every right to choose the abortion.
  • If the reason for being pregnant is rape, she has complete right to be on stand and should not be forced into depression drawn by the rape pregnancy.
  • If an Life event, Employment or Education is in stake due to Pregnancy, her decision for the abortion should be considered.

Abortion should be a legal right of every women in the world but mind you ladies out there, do not misuse the liberal laws and kill the child on gender basis or for the personal interests. When the world fights for you, for your rights, it is for welfare of human beings in general.

So, Make your wise choice!

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