Education Day

Rate Yourself! How Educated Are You!

Education enables you to face the world, to be a life long student of ‘why not’. It makes you question things. It helps you define (What do you really need to find out), locate (where can you find the information you need), select (what information do you really need to use), organize (how can you best use the information), present (how can you present the information) and asses (what did you learn from it). The main thing is how much do you assess at the end, how much do you learn and implement practically in your life. Ponder over the ten points mentioned below and see how truly educated are you!

  1. Do you Litter?

Is there filth around you? Are you responsible for it? If yes, than you definitely have just flipped through the pages of environmental science at your school and have not bothered to incorporate those things in your life. Ask yourself, are you educated enough to keep your environment and surroundings clean?

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2. Your behavior towards women

Oh my god! That dirty gaze does not make you manly in any way. That whistling and howling will only add on to your ill behavior towards her. If you are truly educated you will respect woman for what she is. You can obviously embrace her beauty and say how pretty and beautiful she looks, but not objectify her. Forcing her to have an intercourse is also strictly not acceptable.

 3. Female foeticide and infanticide:

Female Foeticide

What difference does it make whether it’s a girl or a boy? You are giving birth to a human being, to your progeny, isn’t that enough! The sex selective abortion is responsible for the skewed sex ratio which in no way shows that you are educated. Giving preference to a boy child over the girl child only shows how irrational you are!

 4. Are you caste biased?

‘Get your plate from there’, ‘Please don’t enter our temple room’ or ‘He is from a Brahman family, you cannot marry her’. These are some of the dialogues which you come across frequently. We have evolved from being an ape to a human being but our thinking has not evolved enough over the period of time. We still are deep rooted in the caste system. This does not point out that you are educated.

 5. Are you Superstitious?

Are you Superstitious?

That black magic and sneezing before leaving your house or kaali billi cutting your road still matters! How will your sneeze and a small cat affect your work? Sounds a bit illogical right? Exactly! This is what education gave you? Two chilies and a lemon! What I wish you to do is – give time to your mind to understand, don’t fear.

6. Do you support dowry?

It is said that parents, with a heavy heart send their daughter to in-laws after she gets married. Keeping their feelings aside or measuring it with materialistic pursuits is not what an educated mind would do. Asking for a car, gold, property and so on is strictly not permitted. If at all you are doing it (or planning to do it) think twice if having your partner is equal to having lots of money.

7. Overpopulation

An educated person would always plan a kid in a way which won’t affect mother’s health as well as country’s population. Planning more than two kids just to fulfill your greed of having a boy child is no way near to be an enlightened being. An appeal- ‘Do not exceed two’.

8. Are you corrupt?

To pay extra for any urgency or getting your work done, is being mean which also makes the one who is taking extra money, greedier. Was this taught anywhere? The answer is a big ‘NO’! We need to get over this trait of ours and adopt more just and acceptable ways. Simply wait for your turn to come. Don’t be in a hurry to commit such things!

9. What about cleanliness and sanitation?

Cleanliness and Sanitation

Do you throw the ‘holy’ things in a river, pond nearby? Do you have a reason for this act of yours? Well I think you won’t be having one! If you are educated you would know that how it dirties the water reservoirs and affects the aquatic life. We are aware of the polluted Ganges River. Just one question- ‘Is this a holy act?’

10. Communalism

Were you ever asked to stay separate on the basis of your ethnicity or religion? Or fight with the ones from another community? I am sure your answer is no, but if it’s yes than you are not cultivated and cultured. We were always taught that there is unity in diversity, but we seem to have more diversity in unity. This is not being educated!

Rate yourself on the scale of one to ten and see where do you actually stand? How ‘truly’ educated are you! I wish everyone Happy Education Day and plea them to behave ‘educated’.

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