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Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight Even Though You Try Everything

1. Skipping meals – This may reduce your calorie intake but it puts your body in starvation mode leading to more fat gain from the meals that you have later. Stick to small frequent meals, 5-6 meals per day is perfect!

2. You think you are eating healthy, but you aren’t – Unfortunately lot of so called healthy foods are deceptive, for example everything that says fat free is not calorie free. It’s loaded with sugar and salt most of the time if not always.

3. You are always stressed – This leads to release of hormone cortisol which is responsible for fat gain in body. Meditate, listen to music, run, read book, go window shopping, do anything that de – stress but do not get into emotional eating.

4. High carb low protein – You may be eating too many carbs in order to go low fat. The idea is to get proteins up and carbs and fat down. Fat is not the culprit but carbs are, we need essential fats like omega 3 for healthy weight loss.

5. You may be adding muscle – Lot of times people lose on inches but not on the scale. This does not mean you are not getting results, in fact this shows you are bang on right track. You may have gained muscle which is heavier than fat but gives you lean shape.

6. Not active enough – Just cutting down on calories is not good enough, you have to focus on activity too, get into strength training this will boost your metabolism. Diet and exercise are 2 sides of same coin

7. Yo Yo effect – Every time you crash diet to get faster results and then get back to usual eating your metabolism is negatively affected and there comes a time when the body no longer reacts to even right eating and exercise habits. This means you have to end up putting double the efforts to get same results. Remember weight loss is not just a 3 month program it’s a lifestyle change.

8. Sleep deprived – Lack of sleep is connected to increased hunger and appetite which leads to weight gain. 7-9 hrs of sound sleep is a must.

9. Salads are not always safe – Ordering salads left right and center every time you eat out is not the smartest decision after all. Most of them are loaded with high calorie dressings. Either you get them custom made by asking for low calorie dressing / just vinegar or skip them altogether.

10. There is nothing as healthy sugar – Adding honey/jaggery/brown sugar instead of plain white sugar is not going to help. All of these acts exactly like white sugar in the body. They are better choices in terms that they give you much more than just calories but one cannot gorge on them thinking they are harmless. Moderation is the key.

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