Mrinalinee Red Romance

Red Romance – Hair Tips

Candle light dinner, soft music and you dancing hand-in-hand with your partner, wearing a perfect floor length gown with a romantic hairstyle! Sounds mesmerizing, doesn’t it?

For all your beautiful women out there, here is a simple, innovative and a very easy hairstyle for a perfect evening dinner or a romantic evening with your love. Enjoy the look and the beautiful moments with your partner. I have named it Red Romance, and it is personally one of my favorites.

 Step 1: Section your hair from the middle into two halves.

Step 2: Now divide each section into further two halves.

Step 3: Now pick a section further dividing the hair into two and twisting them together.

Step 4: When you reach the end of the twist, hold on firmly to one strand, pushing the rest up, adjusting as you go up, making a rose.

Step 5: Twist the bunch into a bun, tucking in the end and pin it. Do the same for each of the other three sections: Twist, Push, Twist, Tuck and pin.

You will have four gently formed rosettes around your head. Place the Jewelled clips as desired. This one is red hot!

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