Religion Is A Scam?

Religion is one misunderstood & overrated “word”. Some use it to impose their mastery of living life and some to maintain their egoistic goals. While the borders divide nations, “modern religion” is responsible for dividing humanity and faith in everyone. Never did I know that religion was to divide people and restrict their actions. As a kid, religion to me, as taught by my mother, was a way to living with peace and harmony in the society. While growing up, I was exposed to the brutal truth, the atrocities that took place under the name of god! I felt disgusted because my mother presented a complete different ideology in front of me. Religion “had” motive to create happy living world then why does it bars people from different religion to love each other or to spend their lives together? I’ve never seen Muslims with horns or Christians with vulture noses or tail possessing Hindus to have a reason to differentiate. What I see is that we look same, the air we breathe is same, the sky we share is same yet people need evidences to create differences.

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I believe that excess faith in religion has led to this blinding of humans. Humans have complicated their lives to such an extent that killing seems to be a noble cause under the name of religion. I haven’t ever come across any news stating that a Lion killed a rabbit due to conflicting ideologies about the jungle. Animals are more simplified thanks to their less evolved brains, which makes me sometimes regret human evolution. Then, is religion just a “scam” which is initiating to break people emotionally and to destroy them physically as well. Are we treating religion as just another system which we can play with and get a place in heaven? If that’s the case, religion loses its grandeur, holiness, divinity and it shouldn’t be the ultimate. Too much future planning we do, don’t we? We’re doing nothing but initiating fights to prove that our religion is ‘the’ ultimate answer to everything. Why do we need to show off about religion or claim that who’s is better? Can’t we just be thankful to lord for giving us life (that’s what we are taught since birth that almighty created us!) and to live happily, greet people with love and not have skeptical mindset about others belonging to different religions. I asked few kids aged 5-6 years how they see religion and how are Muslim Hindu and Christians different from each other? All of them said religion divided to that limit where we can’t change the ideology of elders because they “love” to fight and to see bloodshed across the globe because if it wasn’t the same analogy then parents would have taught their kids that no religion is bad or different, god is one and you should respect him. That he doesn’t expect you to fight in his name, all he expects is you to be true to yourselves.

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One little kid came up to me and said let me tell you the difference between religion, he explained: Allah, Jesus, Khuda, Raaba, Quran, Bible, Geeta, they all have 5 letters and it’s just the pronunciation and spelling that differs but deep down indirectly they mean the same thing,  they even preach the same thing. So we can conclude they are SYNONYMS of each other. So basically, we are fighting over which synonym is better that’s just too foolish and perhaps very ‘human’ of us! And with this elaborate explanation of the word religion forced me to think that we all are same we are “synonyms”. Wish I could ingrain simple thing into each and every person’s mind. We can’t eradicate it but we can mold it similar to the growing world, just like we do with Science, like we shifted from simple phones to smart phones i.e. better version of communication. Acceptance is the biggest key to the successful enhancement of human race. Let’s love and respect each individual to create a happy thinking world and focus on humanity’s advancement to the next level, after all, its progress that will keep us alive in this vast expanse of space and time where we humans are perhaps the sole voyagers.

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