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Remembering Nirbhaya: The Peace March By Stop Acid Attack Fighters!

Acid Attack survivors are on hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in Demand of justice and laws to Stop Acid Attacks. Today, on Dec 16, this will be their Day 5 of Anshan.

Despite the fact that this day, two years ago fails to change every day after, our hope in that SHAME fails to deter. She was not ‘fearless one’. She must have feared the horrors of the night of December 16, 2012, in that bus.

But, we have been riding a different bus, so far. We have created stories of a few cases we choose to empathize with, comfortably neglecting facts like 40 rapes are reported every day in New Delhi alone. And it is not the rape capital of India. With this rate of violence against women (and personal rage in general) India seems to be running the race to be the global rape capital. Girls from West Bengal to Rajasthan and Kerala to Kashmir are living with horrors every day, more in public, but often in private spaces. Burn wards of our government hospitals are filled with survivors of domestic abuse. Many don’t even see a hospital and some die, leaving us with stories to play upon.

This protest is a call to carry that hope forward which we as young people of this haphazard society felt on the roads on New Delhi that December. We really felt that we would carry the shame drawn from that ‘bus ride’ and be inspired as a collective to reflect and act with urgency. Yes the BUS RIDE! Because it is not the girl that we should talk about, but about the crime, that we are all a part of.

It was only after this Day that the judiciary of this country recognized acid attacks as a specific crime and put it under sections 326A and 326B of the Indian Penal Code. The change in laws has not made much of a difference. The accused of December 16, 2012, Bus Ride are still being tried.

Ignorance towards our inefficiencies and flaws while enjoying the agonizing stories of crime and brutality is not the way forward. Educating our boys and waiting for a generation to evolve as ‘Non-rapists’ is also not the way to go about.

Many have been saying the nation is on the way of improvement. There is a mood for being better. When it comes to cleaning, social evils of a society stand first. May be, we must remind the development oriented nation that there are more important issues to be addressed.

Safer spaces provide freedom and confidence. More freedom and opportunities for girls and women only means a multiplied and efficient workforce.

We must honestly work towards this before banning taxi services and internet sites.

To remind the nation of this day two years in past, and to bring attention to the gory crime of disfiguring a person, acid attack survivors, campaigners, volunteers and friends will take out a peace march today.

Do try to participate in the march and enrich the discussion/slogans and our HOPE with your presence.

If you can not come to Jantar Mantar, please join our Anshan online:

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