RENDEZVOUS with TAJ – By Elisha Kriis

Its been few weeks past the Valentines Day and I am still wondering what is it about love that makes you want to transcend all the boundaries and win the World for that one person. Luckily I got my answers when I arrived at one such beautiful location that defines Love in it’s full glory. But before that what is Love? Universally accepted fact is that Love as a word in itself is a verb not a noun. Which means it always needs to be in action. Love is in doing and creating things and not simply stating them. When it comes to work if you love what you do, it automatically makes you par excellence because you have given yourself to it. When it comes to your family you show your love by caring for you parents, spending time with your children and doing everything it takes to know they are loved.

Well we all have experienced both good and bitter relationships while growing around the idea of love but have we ever thought of what makes one person stand out for us to explain why we were put on this earth. Yes, I am now referring to the romantic camaraderie we share with that one special person. A person that makes us want to stop searching and just be in the moment and live life as one magical moment in time. In my mind that one person is best defined as the energy that your soul can identify as an extension of itself. That one beauty that transforms and reproduces itself defying the frontier of religion, distance, time, art, beauty, music and dance of lifetimes.

One such great specimen of an Eternal Love Story is the timeless beauty of the first wonder of the World- Taj Mahal. I was recently at the Taj Mahal, for a promotional photo shoot. Obviously, I knew what Taj looked like, but having experienced it first hand I could feel the vision of the Great Emperor. This majestic structure is the home to his queen Mumtaz Mahal’s mausoleum. The monument, begun in 1632, was finished in 1648. Legends attribute its construction to an international team of several thousands of masons, marble workers, mosaicists and decorators working under the orders of the architect of the emperor, Ustad Ahmad Lahori. The color combination of lush green scape reddish pathway and blue sky over it showcases the monument in ever changing tints and moods. The Indo-Islamic architecture, relief work in marble and inlay with precious and semi precious stones make it a monument apart. It is a masterpiece of all in all in its conception, treatment and execution and has unique aesthetic qualities in balance, symmetry and harmonious blending of various elements.

It’s amazing to me how in the 17th century people had the time and peace to visualize something so exquisite for their loved ones. Till date nobody can reproduce its magic. Yes- Magical is the word. I caught myself staring at the structure for several minutes to soak it in before I had to move on to our next location.

Love truly can empower us to do things that nobody can ever comprehend in a common scenario. In todays fast paced modern world we don’t expect people in love to build Taj Mahal. But I am forced to think if we could make our loved ones feel special by creating some special moments each day then each love story would become as Eternal as Taj. Life is build on moments and love glorifies each one of them with love itself.

Have you found your Eternal Love Story yet? Are you ready to build your Taj Moments everyday?
Taj Mahal is truly a wonderful inspiration.

Waah Taj..WAAH !!!!!

Elisha Kriis

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