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Ritualize Your Mornings For Effective Time Management

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle, Greek Philosopher!

Our habits ultimately decide our destiny. The only thing that separates the achievers from the masses is the acts they do every day. While we can crib about our lack of time, resources and motivation, the truth is that a productive person just makes the best use of 24 hours with smart planning and effective execution. Incorporating ‘rituals’ to your mornings means intentionally starting new habits which amp your energy levels and help you stay grounded and connected to yourself, while you multi-task your roles and responsibilities.

  1. Set your alarm 30 minutes early: Yes, you heard it right. These 30 minutes are for you – uninterrupted. So, wake up 30 minutes early, between Monday to Friday, and reserve the weekends for 6 -7 hours of beauty sleep. This 30 minute ‘Me Time’ will give you a head start to plan your day.
  1. Read a nice, positive quote: Get yourself a small box (if you can, get a fancy decorative box), write small positive quotes and read 1 quote every morning. When you wake up being grateful and appreciative of life, your days will be brighter.
  1. Ice is Nice: Icing is an effective, economical and non-chemical way to tone your face every day. Set some ice-cubes with purified water (keep your ice bucket separate) and right after you finish brushing your teeth; gently rub your face with an ice-cube for 1 minute. It helps tone your skin and reduce open pores. Finish the ritual with a spritz of rose water. You will love yourself when your skin responds to this gentle TLC in a few days!
  1. Fill your cuppa: I am all in favor of green tea or a smoothie, but my mornings start with Chai. Allow yourself your favorite cuppa without guilt. Buy yourself a lovely tea or coffee cup, and own those ten minutes of ‘Tea or Coffee’ time uninterrupted. If you like – listen to a calming chant/ a nice song while you sip your favorite brew!
  1. Make your bath: Ready your bath bucket and add 5-6 drops of almond oil or a fresh citrus essence to it, while you make your tea. Stay moisturized and smell fresh all day with this lil trick.
  1. Dress like a queen: Before you step into household duties, take 5 minutes to plan your work dress. I personally suggest every lady to have bags and shoes in neutral colors – black, white, beige, grey and brown to suit all outfits. Organize your dress, intimates and bag to avoid last minute rush. Always remember to eat breakfast and then dress up. A last minute spill is best avoided, when you are ready and raring to go to office.
  2. Break that fast: Make breakfasts simple – plain oats or muesli with milk, honey and a banana/apple topped with nuts is simple to make, delicious to eat and will keep you going till your mid-morning coffee break. Keep that parantha or poha recipe for the weekend.
  1. Keep the change: Keep your loose cash in a separate wallet – use it to pay for public transport. If you drive, it’s best to keep a photocopy of your license and id, loose cash in a handy wallet. You don’t have to dive into your handbag in a crowd, and if your wallet gets pinched, rest assured you have the original documents stashed safely.
  1. Pack your power: Pack 2 mini-meals for yourself every day. Keep it simple – assorted nuts and a portion of seasonal fruit. If you have time, then make yourself a smoothie (recipes are available online) and ensure that your health gets better every day.
  1. Read the headlines: Men love to indulge in their newspaper reading time. But women need their GK too. Read the headlines – it’s quick and equally effective when you don’t have the time to read it cover to cover.
  1. Write your top 5 tasks: A lot of women try to remember everything, all the time. Use your smart phone or a small notepad and write your top 5 tasks for the day (include both your work and home tasks and trim it to 5). You can be effective only when you prioritize, so no point in jotting a full page and then being miserable for completing only 2. Completing 3 out of 5 means 60%, 3 out of 15 means 20%. Set your scores right!

Start the day with the right intentions and good habits – success and sanity will be your bedfellows! Live well, ladies.

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