Safeguarding Children’s Digital Health Records

The current patient treatment delivery system calls for a great scope of change and improvisation in today’s time of ever-changing digital scenario. The new-age method of digitization meant for converting challenges into opportunities thereby leading to better avenues for patients and doctors alike. Contemporary mode of carrying out activities is causing working professionals to adapt to a platform that is more technological-oriented. It is no longer a futuristic concept for doctors to accommodate technology in their treatment but instead the need of the hour for practitioners to have an early-mover advantage.

Current means of digital practicing, albeit up-to-date, does put immense focus on understanding the overall dynamics of how a doctor can use technological means to be in a position of benefit in treating patients. For the same, one must be acquainted with the merits and demerits before venturing into means of offering clinic management software coupled with digital health records or E-health records. In terms of choosing an appropriate method, one must understand how best suited it is to the mode of practice being provided to patients as many doctors are still technologically challenged and may not have full know-how of which avenue is the most user-friendly in helping them reach out to patients effectively.

In the sector of child health-care, a parent does experience full accountability with doctors when it comes to their children’s health and thus tend to be demanding in terms of having full access and control of their child’s health records. The same can be made available digitally and mentioned below are a few guidelines in safeguarding digital health records.


  1. To ensure that all recent records are updated online as soon as consultation with the doctor is done
  2. To preserve records on Clouds-based and thereby sharing child health records with doctors that parents trust fully so as to safeguard that files can be accessed in case of an emergency like hardware break-down or any possible network issue.
  3. To upload articles and records in a chronological format either by date or month so that doctors can go through the pattern in a sequential manner in better understanding a health issue and arrive at a relevant diagnosis.
  4. To keep physical records like hard copies as an alternative along with soft copies as technology cannot be relied upon at all times.


1, Don’t provide access of the records or anything pertaining to the records to sources u may not be familiar with.

2, Don’t only rely on doctors to maintain your health records digitally, it’s your responsibility to keep a file for the same, in case of emergency.

3, Don’t try to make changes in the data by yourself,

4, Do not use the previous prescriptions to treat the health issues you are facing currently, this could have adverse effects.

Some of the Current issues with sustaining child health records involve a few things. Some of them are 1, Doctors need to be well acquainted with the technical advancements and cannot be technically impaired. 2, Patients have no other way of storing files expect for in PDF formats, and considering that child care records are generally colossal it is quite a normal tendency to miss out some pointers at times .3, Doctors being professionally busy people usually hire staff to maintain the records, but they not being so well qualified do not meet the requirements for the same.

Modern times are now calling for a more dynamic platform that assists working parents in driving away their troubles by means of organizing and uploading all data pertaining to child’s health on one portal in order to provide doctors with clear information and feedback. Supervising a child’s health can now become easier with the trend of E-Health records catching up and slowly becoming a requirement for practitioners to ensure that a diagnosis is arrived at based on the child’s medical history so as to provide immediate and correct treatment. Moreover, implementing digital platforms is all set to be one of the best mediums through which information chaos can be brought down to a large extent and parents are provided with right information on what is best for their children.

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