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Safety Tips for a Happy Navratri

Celebrated for 9 beautiful nights, Navratri is a festival everyone looks ahead to. With girls and boys all decked up to enjoy garba until early mornings, and parents watching their kids dance to the tunes of the melodious songs, it is also the time when you need to be extremely cautious about your safety. These are the nights without any limitations, nights with the freedom to enjoy garba, music and food and also time for goons to break into your homes, steal your vehicles and sometimes, even harass girls.

So, girls or boys, children or oldies, we all need to be a bit extra careful during these 9 days.

Women safety on grounds and in the city

For all young girls and women who love dancing until late nights, it is important that they consider their safety first.

  • Always SAVE the number of the nearest police stations or any helpline numbers that can help you in grave conditions in your mobiles.
  • Send your location status to your family.
  • Keep your cellphone in a small pouch tied tightly to your waist, around your chaniya choli.
  • Avoid wearing gold jewelry.
  • Stay in groups to stay safe.
  • Park your vehicles in the parking plots with security to avoid thefts.
  • Prefer buying your own bottle of packaged water. You may never know when someone adds drugs to your water and take advantage of the situation.

Safety of homes

With almost everyone out enjoying the Garba nights, make sure you keep your homes safe.

  • Keep your prized possessions in the bank lockers instead of keeping them home.
  • Lock every room, doors and windows carefully before you leave.
  • Keep a few lights on in the rooms to make the goons think that you are home.
  • Keep the home security alarms on to avoid forced entries.

Safety from pick pocketers

Pick-pocketing is one of the most common crimes during Garbas.

  • Avoid carrying too much money in your pockets.
  • Avoid carrying a wallet. Simply keep some money in the inner pockets of your kurtas or batwas carried by women.
  • Stay with your friend circle wherever you go.

Staying attentive is the only way you can ensure your safety during these beautiful 9 Dandia – Garba nights. So, Haloo re Haloo…Garbe gava jaiyee!!!!

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