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Saladific – Your Answer To Healthy Eating!

Pooja was seen chopping exotic vegetables in a predefined measure, along with continues instructions that she gave to her sister-in-law, brother and, mother. “Bhabhi, one Terrific Tofu and three Pi-cube.” “Ma, Please get me Broccoli for Peacolli Salad.” “Bhai, What’s the next order?”

The phone never rests and the family keeps themselves bonded within the huge modern kitchen. Pooja, professionally a dietician never thought her brother Shivam Soni’s initiative would lead her to the new heights. Shivam’s idea of starting a home based business for health conscious people of Vadodara city is on the track of becoming widely popular. Taking the nudge, pooja transformed her educational qualification into an interesting career. The family of two brothers, a sister, sister-in-law, and parents run a small home based kitchen – Saladific!

Saladific, is an online portal and has more than 40 health-packed salads to be delivered on orders. People are health conscious but have less time, so they came up with this bang on idea and people welcomed it warmly. Basically, being a chemical engineer no one ever thought Shivam would ever get the idea of doing business, that too in eatery! “In my corporate days, we use to sit for a lunch along with the bosses. Very often my boss and seniors complained about salads that they weren’t tasty, but need to include in a daily meal and that gave me a poke!”

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Pooja, who pursued her graduation in commerce and later dietician course made this idea an opportunity. Family meetings to decide salad menu, ingredients, compatibility, combinations, packages and prices became a must routine for months. Pooja and her family prepared more than 400 salad options and shortlisted the best 40+ ala carte and packages. The beginning wasn’t easy she says, “Whenever you think of a business, you actually design a mental blueprint but actually when you implement it, it’s altogether a different scenario. Every calorie chart presented on the web today have been scanned for more than 5 times after they have been modified for several times.” “We want to be perfect, as we also have doctors as our customers and a single mistake in salad intake and its nutrition value will leave a blot.”

saladific 2The entire Soni Family works as a team and required no recruitment. Shivam’s wife, is the chef. Most of the salad dishes founding credit goes to her. His father is a Purchase manager. He buys all the ingredients. His younger brother is a Marketing executive. Shivam handles marketing and also notices overall flow. Pooja keeps the tab on the quantity and quality. Her mother keeps giving recipe combination ideas along with other help.

Pooja is very proud of her family, especially parents, “They never forced us to stick on to our degree professions. They gave us all freedom. It’s like 3 idiots was late, our family understood the concept long back.

What makes Saladific extraordinary is the idea to deliver delicious exotic salads itself; also the culinary skills of the chef. Sauces to dress are homemade, combinations and creativity of the team has made a boom in the market. Saladific is majorly a team of three musketeers, whose mission was health first. The team likes to be remembered when people think about their health.

Pooja says: “Equality is priority. Women can do wonders, all we need to give is 100% and it is done!  Nothing is Impossible, remember it is more I M possible”!

So, what if you have studied engineering? You still can be a fitness expert! What matters is your interest and dedication. Pooja was a commerce student, a dietician and now an entrepreneur! So, Ladies, what are you going to be in order to inspire us?

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