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Say Cheers To Womanhood!!

Enjoy womanhood, and understand the need for a gene-based, healthy lifestyle in keeping your skin radiant and youthful.

A woman’s greatest honor and privilege is motherhood. It is rewarding, and near to divinity. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. Being a mother is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding jobs on earth. Here is a short narration which I am sure most of the young moms would relate to their own self.

Priya, an interior designer and a proud mother of two kids is a blissful, fun loving person who enjoys her daily routine of catering to the palates or perceptions of her better half and the little ones. And yeah, now let me reveal the women-centric or women-indispensible attribute, i.e., she is very conscious about her appearance, just as you and I are. Women have an unbeatable will power and capability of managing their professional and personal life equally well. Now, to fulfill this dual responsibility to the fullest, a working woman has to be healthy as not only her responsibilities but also her stress level doubles. And in the long run, her strenuous routine can pose implications on her skin health. Priya, found it difficult to retain her skin radiance since her second delivery, and now she is finding her skin dull and less supple. Toddlers at home, imagine the mess! Priya hardly finds anytime to dedicate on herself. Her sensible question is, if a Bollywood star like Madhuri Dixit maintains her skin health even after attaining motherhood, then what stops us from doing so? This thought led Priya to take a positive step towards her skin health and drove her proximate to a genetic assessment company called ‘Xcode Life Sciences’.

Through a ‘personalized skincare program’ at Xcode Life Sciences Priya could non-invasively know her genetic makeup, helping her understand how prone she is to specific skin health disturbances, and she was counseled to modify her lifestyle (eating pattern and exercise levels) to suit her genes, so as to restore the radiance in her skin. Priya is contentedly practicing her counseling lessons as they were framed based on her routine and she is already half way towards her goal of restoring back her skin youthfulness. This inspiring narration, unveils the role of genetic assessment which along with a favorable lifestyle led Priya towards her goal.

A compliment on appearance overwhelms anybody, and when we say appearance, the role of our skin is indispensible. Skin attributes like radiance, glow, softness, suppleness and youthfulness stay synonymous with beauty. Any overt sign seen on our face, may it be a wrinkle, fine line, age spot or pigmentation is a resultant of vital internal processes that happen at the cellular level. The onset and severity of these external signs is decided by the cell’s in-built capacity to cope up with the damage provoked by various external and internal stressors including heat, pollution, genetic variations, excess glucose and free radicals. Genes lodged within the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) of our cells unveil the destiny of skin health. Noteworthy is a fact that, though skin health disturbances might appear similar in different people, the underlying reasons might differ owing to the uniqueness rendered to each of us by our genetic patterns. Therefore, an insight on skin health ascertained through a non-invasive genetic assessment will enable us to make appropriate lifestyle changes that will preserve our skin health in its prime form. Additionally genetically formulated personalized skin care shall roll back the years on our skin…faster.

Know your genes and unveil the secret to flawless skin through a healthy lifestyle!

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