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Say Goodbye To Dark Circles!

Do you have dark circles? Do they affect your self-esteem or depress you? How can you get rid of dark circle? Are you wondering why you even have them? Dark circles can be because of many reasons like lack of sleep, weak eyesight, stress, sinusitis, migraine, nutritional deficiencies, and genetic cause as well. One can take care of them by various ways but there are some thumb rules to keep them at bay which are good sound sleep, balanced diet, exercises, etc. plus one can try out some home remedies to curb it as well.

Few of the ways:

  1. One must take foods rich in Vitamin E & iron.
  2. Potato juice is a very good remedy for under eye discoloration as it has natural bleaching agents; one can apply chilled grated potato juice on the affected area & leave it for 15 mins. Rinse it with normal water.
  3. One can use used tea bags after freezing them in the freezer & apply them for 15mins before bedtime.
  4. One can use cotton dipped in rose water to soothe the eye & under eye area.
  5. Cucumber is also a very good remedy to soothe the skin.
  6. One can dab mint leave juice & apply on the under eye area, as it helps to lighten & brighten the skin.
  7. One can massage the under eye area with almond oil as it is rich in Vit E.

Apart from the home remedies there are cosmetic peels available to treat the under eye area like yellow peel & skin lightening treatments are also available at beauty clinics. One can opt for these ways to get rid of them also one must opt for a holistic approach wherein it should be combo of dietary changes, yoga & sound sleep.

Follow these simple tips and get rid of your dark circles overnight.

Image Source: theherbalfacefood.com

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