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Science Behind The Hindu Accessories!

There are certain many accessories which are designed scientifically that women at large wear. These accessories that women possess must be very common. But the reason behind those accessories would be something that many women must not be knowing.

Bangles & Bracelets:

The wrist holds the pulse. So when there is constant abrasion of bangles and bracelets the blood circulation of the body improves. Also bangles and bracelets being round in shape keeps the energy intact . It is advisable to wear bangles of copper, bronze, glass and shells to spread positive vibes to the body.

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It is said that Sindoor activates the pituitary gland. And this is the reason the the mind and body can function in a better way. There is a chakra on the forehead. And Sindoor activates the chakra at the forehead. The Sindoor is made up of Mercury, Lime and Turmeric. These three elements blends well and forms a catalyst to reduce stress among the ladies.


It is said that by wearing Bindi in between the two eyebrows increases the concentration power. This also helps to retain the energy levels in the human body.

The center point between the eyebrows is said to be more powerful and applying the Bindi is makes it auspicious and fortunate. This develops a positive insight and on the other hand defines a sign of purity.

Toe Rings:
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As the toe rings are usually made up of silver it is said that it controls the lower part of the body by giving positive vibes. Also it absorbs the energy from the earth and directs it towards the body. Thus this is the way by which one can refresh the whole body.


The anklets are worn into the lower part of the body. It is said that they maintain the positive of the body as they are made up of silver. And at large silver provides positive vibrations to the body.

Kamarbandh/ Waist Bands/ Belts:

Women used to wear initially to assure that they do not get injured as they used to carry water pots on their waist. On the other hand when you wear waist belts they tend to make you loose body weight. So it is also true that by wearing belts one can control the body weight and loose weight.

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Wearing ear-rings gives an acupuncture effect to the whole body.

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