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Seams For Dreams – Spreading Love and Empowerment With Fashion!

There is tremendous power that comes with the act of giving. Seams for Dreams, the brainchild of Bollywood actress turned philanthropist Evelyn Sharma, is an Indian non-profit organization that was founded in the year 2015. It is a charitable organization that uses the universal love for fashion to give back to humanity. Launched in association with India’s leading fashion magazine, Vogue, the organization was started with an objective to bring the film and fashion industry together under one roof to spread the love for fashion and help the ones in need of appropriate clothing. The ultimate idea behind setting up this organization triggered with the unfortunate incident of the Nepal Earthquake which drove the idea of coming up with a foundation to help people recover what they lost by spreading love and kindness all around.

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Staying, true to its belief, ‘fashion can truly empower people’, the organization has set an aggressive goal to clothe 1,00,000 people in need each year. All throughout its 4 year long journey, SFD has managed to reach out to over 4,000 people through their various outreach programs and associations with partner NGOs. Following a unique distribution cycle and transparent methodology, the organization constantly aims to enhance and boost their ‘give in style’ strategy.

Seams for Dreams is in collaboration with NGO’S like Sharansthan, Bal Asha Trust, Angel Express Foundation, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, and Access Life. It also collaborated with The Hope Collab to renovate The King George V Memorial elderly home. On the occasion of women’s day in the year 2017, SFD did their bit by participating in a house building activity arranged under the campaign ‘WOMEN BUILD India’ by the Habitat for Humanity organization, in Karjat. Through its fund- raising events like The Christmas Garage Sale, it contributes towards offering relief efforts for social causes every year. Also, SFD is gearing up for yet another fundraising event in association with Jhelum, wherein India’s top designers will showcase their stunning outfits, donating 20 percent of all sales to SFD’s mission to clothe people in need.


Evelyn Sharma, the founder of Seams for Dreams proudly says that her team strives to lend a helping hand to various organizations that are doing good and making humanitarian changes in the world. Every step they take is covered on their website and social media which is why she believes that celebrities, designers and individuals love to donate to SFD as they are always up to date on their activities. Seams for Dreams is supported by ace designers, eminent stylists and celebrities from Bollywood like Rocky S, Jhelum Gopal Dalvi, Falguni& Shane Peacock, Kanika Goyal, Sonam& Paras Modi, NishkaLulla, DEME, Gavin Miguel, to name a few.

SFD has truly become the innovator in bringing the trend of ethical fashion to India and through its ceaseless philanthropic initiatives, it hopes to inspire others to use the medium of fashion to give back to the society.

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