Secrets Of A Lasting Marriage!

Love, trust, harmony and openness, its all there in a fresh marriage! But, after a few years, these expressions fade away, converting a happily married couple into a boring unhappy couple. Keeping your marriage happy and lively is very important, if you really want it to last forever. And to help you maintain the spice and fun in it, here are some essential points you can follow for making your marriage last a lifetime.

 Say Sorry When Needed

Keep away your ego and say sorry to your partner for your mistakes. The word is very powerful and can help you avoid severe fights. Also, as you acknowledge with grace, be kind enough to forgive and forget.


Being irritated is common, but make sure you are conscious of the words you speak. Be thoughtful and rational. In lasting successful marriages, the wedded duo is considerate about one another’s personal image.

Care and Liking

Caring couples always express their emotions. The three words are conveyed in some way or the other throughout the day. Any guesses for the three words? I Love You

Be Creative

Interactions can become mechanical. Being creative and innovative frequently revives them. Be creative. Doing things or going on trips is one way of being creative.

Being Grateful

Everyone likes to be thanked for whatever favors they do. In lasting marriages, both the partners genuinely thank the other for everything one does for the other’s comfort.

Stay Calm and Give Time

Understand that problems always occur in a marriage and they can be caused by others like (work, friends, family, and money). Wait patiently. These problems will work their way out.

Understand Marriage

A happy lasting healthy marriage is a state of mind. It functions on nine areas including Spirituality, relations, offspring, wealth, physical closeness, lifestyle, household tasks and communicating with each other.

You have to choose what you want. You can choose a happy lasting healthy marriage or otherwise. One person in a marriage remains responsible. Understand the fact that a lasting marriage needs both the partners to stay alert to make their marriage last forever… So, best of Luck!!

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