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Selfie Mania…Adding more Ideas to your Selfies!

Just yesterday, when I took my daughter for her birthday shopping, I came across two girls completely engrossed in clicking their selfies. It quiet amused me to see how crazy they were to getting captured in their cameras in different locations and backgrounds across the mall. After a long 2 hours of shopping I finally got my little one to choose her gift, and by the time I was leaving I was rather shocked to see the two gals still snapping pics in the lobby and the garden right infront of the mall. It was at that time that I asked myself… “Are people that crazy about selfies???”

We have always loved getting clicked in our best attires after a proper preparation (I mean makeup and styling). But, when it comes to clicking selfies, you need just art and ideas to help you click the best selfies ever. It is not the background or the surroundings that actually matter, but rather the idea and technique used to click your own selfie. So, if you are madly in love with this Selfie Mania, here are a few ideas and tips to help you click the best Selfies. Go about, try them and click the best pics.

Know your Good and Bad angles

selecting the angle


We all have good and bad angles which either gives us a lean and perfect look or a simply horrifying blunt look. So, before you go click click Click… for a real selfie, try new angles to make your face look slimmer, stylish and attractive.

Tip: In order to give your face a slimmer look, shoot the picture from a little above. In case you are adding your torso to the pic, keep one shoulder towards the camera and tilt your neck out a little. This will help you avoid the bulge in your neck, right beneath the chin.

Use of Light

checking the lightSource

Try clicking selfies in various lights. Use natural light instead of the flash of your camera. The effect that natural light may give to your selfie is something you might never get from the flash of your camera.

Tip: Stand near your window and click a soft picture. This will help avoid dark shadows, especially the one under the eyes.


filtering the photosSource

Use good filters by either using photo editing tools like Photo FX or Instagram. You may also get good results using a smartphone. These filters help soften the features and give you almost perfect complexions.

Tip: Try the pictures in new filters and see their effects. Choose the best filters and then use it for clicking the best Selfies.

Not the serious look again

Not that serious lookSource

Pleaseee… Not that serious look again! Selfies are supposed to talk about you and your life. So, avoid the serious look and simply let the expressions say your story in the Selfie. And yes, don’t try hard for the right expressions. That may simply spoil your picture. So, stay natural and pose elegantly in front of the camera.

Tip: Snap casual looks and give an expression as if the camera suddenly turned around for you. Feel fresh and let your selfie express the moment and mood rightly.

Choosing the stage

choosing backdropSource

When taking a selfie, choose the right backdrop for it. Stage it perfectly and make sure you remain the center of focus in the picture and not the background. It doesn’t quite matter where you click your selfie, just make sure that you stage it right.

Tip: Make sure you have a neat background that or at least one that is organized. Avoid pictures in a messed up kitchen or near your stained wall. A selfie in the garden, against a famous painting or when surrounded by friends will be absolutely exquisite.

Making it interesting

making selfie interestingSource

Well, now that the entire world is busy clicking Selfies…it is quite tricky to make your selfie stand out or better say, stand above others. What can you possibly do to make it look appealing? The answer is simple, just think about the previous selfie pics and then plan your picture.

Tip: Planning a Selfie! Yes, you read it right. If you really want a Selfie that is above others, then you simply need to plan it all. Try something different. Make a crown of flowers and wear your beautiful dress for the pic. You may simply take a selfie with your pet hugging you around the neck or paint your face with flowers to look attractive.

Avoid overdoing

Overdoing for selfieSource

Clicking selfies is different thing than that of posting them on your social networking site. Yes, limit your selfie pictures on the networking sites and make sure, people don’t start hating your pics due to their frequency. Keep them rare but interesting so that people actually love seeing you in your varied moods.

So, Say Cheese and Click your way to Super Selfie Mania, but in a different way.

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