Significance of Mangalsutra In Hindu Marriages

Marriage preparations can be never ending. It seems like an infinite task which by surprise winds up all by itself on the marriage date. However, no Hindu marriage is complete without the mangalsutra, the sacred thread that denotes the divine bond of a husband with his wife. The black beads woven around a thread (now in gold chain) are not just a piece of jewellery, but have a huge significance that we should never forget. Today, the meaning of marriage and its vows have changed, but the importance of mangalsutra stays intact. Let’s understand the importance of mangalsutra and why it needs to be worn by every married female.

Mangalsutra and its importance

Mangalsutra is a word derived from the words Mangal (meaning auspicious) and Sutra (meaning thread). Henceforth, literally mangalsutra means the auspicious thread. It is made from two strings woven with black beads and small gold or diamond pendant at the center. On the auspicious wedding day, the groom ties the divine thread around the neck of the bride, symbolizing their union as mates for a lifetime until death sets them apart.

The mangalsutra should be worn by the wife as a loving authentication of the marriage, commitment and the love between the two partners. Traditionally, the mangalsutra should be tied in three knots each signifying the important aspects of a marriage life. Firstly – loyalty to her husband, secondly – dedication to the new family, and thirdly – devotion to the great lord.

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Apart from the first knot, the remaining two knots of the mangalsutra are ties by the sister of the groom. Every black bead in the mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers that protect the marriage and sanctity of the married couple. Also, according to Hindu puranas, it is believed that the mangalsutra also acts as a shield for the husband, safeguarding him from ill luck and danger. Breaking of the divine thread is henceforth considered highly ill-fated.

Mangalsutra and the modern age couples

Today, where the meaning of marriage and relations has changed, the value of mangalsutra also seems somehow lost. For new age couples, it is considered just as a fashion jewelry which is worn only during traditional occasions. But, despite this change in the culture and mindset of people, the significance of mangalsutra stays very much intact. Women value it much higher than all their other jewelries.

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